The CSGO Update 19/9 helps players practice grenade throwing

Last night, Valve upgraded another update for CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), added a few commands to help players practice grenade throwing, practice to improve themselves and support the community. better team.

In every FPS shooter, throwing grenades is extremely important, they can help you win the round easily without having to spend too much effort, and to help players smoothly and the ability to calculate the angle of throw, Valve has updated CSGO September 19 with new console commands for gamers.

Counter Strike Global Offensive 19/9 supports gamers to practice throwing grenades

– Link to download the PC version: CSGO for PC

Details of CSGO update for September 19

– “cl_grenadepreview”: Display the grenade’s direct trajectory after you drag the latch and throw it out. This will help you calculate the trajectory and trajectory of the grenade drop point when throwing instead of throwing and waiting for them to leave a trail from the command “sv_grenade_trajectory“.

– “sv_rethrow_last_grenade”: With this command you can track grenades, look at them at any angle when thrown from your own hands until they fall to the ground, a completely different and very interesting look, you should try now. when logging into the game.

– “cl_sim_grenade_trajetory”: Displays the throw path of a grenade, preventing them from disappearing. Previously good players have to use commands cl_grenade_trajetory_time to add a certain period of time, after CSGO update 19/9 there is no need to use it anymore.

You can update csgo 19 9 to help people save files 2

Now, throwing grenades will be easier for players in CSGO. All they have to do is create and allow these commands to be executed on any map they want. Good grenade throwing is an important part of Counter Strike because it helps you and your teammates succeed in destroying enemies. This is the second Valve update this week that is supposed to help players practice CSGO.

You can update csgo 19 9 to help people save files 3

If you have long wanted to practice throwing grenades at CSGO maps, don’t hesitate to start the game, type the above commands and start the training process. If you do not turn on the console board, please consult How to turn on the control panel in CSGO Taimienphi here, wish you have a good time playing games.


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