The Earth’s crust is blistering in 2 places

The Earth’s crust is gradually lifting and bulging in two places, that is below the ice islands of Greenland and Antarctica. Humans have played a large part in causing this phenomenon.

According to Science Alert, the cause of the change in the Earth’s crust is the process of climate change. The phenomenon of rapidly melting ice at the two poles has caused the pressure on the Earth’s crust in the two regions to drop suddenly. This causes pressures from within the Earth that have been suppressed for a long time to be released and cause the Earth’s crust to swell.

Icebergs in Antarctica. Photo: iStock

This conclusion was reached by Sophie Coulson, a geographer from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and colleagues after conducting a study based on a lot of data collected when studying ice sheets and rivers. ice.

During the years 2002 – 2018, scientists used satellite data and many field measurements to calculate the deformation of the Earth’s crust.

The results showed that, beneath the ice islands of Greenland and Antarctica, the Earth showed a strange elasticity. The crust beneath the poles is raised in height, and like a bulge the uplift gradually spreads. The shift is just under 1 millimeter per year but for Earth it’s a very significant change.

Scientists also realized that changes in the Earth’s crust due to changes in ice have taken place from the last ice age – 11,000 years ago – to the present.

The study was recently published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

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