The easiest way to decode audio in a video

The method of separating audio in video is a basic technique for post-processing video, but it is for professionals or people who know how to use a little software video. So, for newbies, is it difficult to separate the image in the video? How to remove audio in a video quickly and simply, the instructions below will show you such a tool.

To help users possible detach the audio in the video, in this article will show you how to use an extremely simple software brought on Camtasia Studio. Camtasia Studio will help you extract audio in a video with just a few basic operations and also supports a lot of features such as video recording, multi-format video export too.

Separation of image taken in video

How to extract images in a video

As mentioned before, in order to extract the sound of images in video using software called alf Camtasia Studio, readers can download Camtasia Studio here.

>> See instructions Install Camtasia Studio for the computer here if you don’t know how to install it.

Step 1: After installing Camtasia Studio, we turn on Camtasia Studio, this is its basic working interface.

how to build a picture in video 2

Step 2: Here you notice the interface on the left, click plus symbol > select Import Media in the Media section to proceed to load the video, you need to split the image to get into Camtasia Studio.

how to build words in video 3

Step 3: Select the video you want to extract the image and press Open.

how to build images in video 4

Step 4: After the video is added in Camtasia Studio, please Click and in the middle of the video and then drag and drop layer lWorking below.

how to build a picture in video 5

You will see the video layer appear below and we will proceed to extract the sound in the video here.

how to build a picture in video 6

Step 5: To extract audio in a video you just need to Right click Go to that layer> Select Seperate audio and video.

how to build a picture in video 7

Step 6: Immediately you will see your original layer is indicated in 2 parts with the top is the sound and the bottom is the image. Click right mouse into the audio section.

how to build images in video 8

Here you choose Delete to remove the audio chalk of this video.

how to build a picture in video 9

Step 7: After the removal is complete, the audio extraction is almost complete and the final stage we have to do is export the video. Looking at the right corner of Camtasia Studio > click Share then select Local File …

how to build a picture in video 10

Step 8: Here the resolution option, it is best to choose the original resolution with the video where you extract the image in the video.

how to build a picture in video 11

Step 9: Proceed to name and enter the path to save the video and then press finish to start the render.

how to build images in video 12

Process Render How fast or slow it is depends entirely on your video and how much it depends on the configuration of your computer.

how to build images in video 13

Step 10: When the video is completed, it will notify you with a link, in addition to opening the video, so readers can feel secure.

how to build a picture in video 14

Above is a quick guide on how to extract audio in video, the steps are extremely simple to extract audio in video. This is not all that Camtasia Studio does if you use this tool to record videos or post-edit. Camtasia Studio is very good software for those who are new to video editing today. The above is the way to decoupling sound in a video so what if you want to get music? Is there any way of separating music from videos or not, with instructions Extract music from video Any of the following will give you the best option of doing this.
Also if you like Camtasia Studio, you can learn more about how to use Camtasia Studio to record videos and edit photos because this tool possesses many features when combining to give you extremely satisfactory results. Before coming to the professional software then Use Camtasia Studio is the best choice right now.


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