The easiest way to earn your Dragon Silver Mobile Lock Tip

The easiest way to earn your Dragon Silver Mobile Lock Tip

In Dragon Mark Mobile there are 2 main currencies that players can use to trade and exchange with other players, Below Taimienphi will guide you on how to earn Unblock Mobile Dragon Silver simple and fast. Best.

Gold Keyless is a unit of money that players only own through the form of Mobile Dragon Marking card, for the unlocked Silver currency, gamers can still earn a lot, the frequency of using this type is relatively even higher constantly.

The easiest way to earn your Dragon Silver Mobile Lock Tip

How To Earn Silver Without Locking Dragon Mobile Marks

1. Mission of association

The quest of the guild is a difficult series, the player must alone pass through Makai holy land, dungeon of death, 5 floors of Love Cave …. and of course the reward is definitely Silver Keyless An Rồng Mobile and many other things. You only need to meet NPC Temujin on the mission or use Keyless Gold to exchange.
– Tutorial reload card game Dragon’s Mobile Mark Exchange Gold Without Key.

meow mei khong bac khong an dau rong mobile don nhat nhat 2

2. Top weekly diligent race

Participating in daily activities, players will receive a lot of items that support Attendance Points => bring them to NPH Temujin merchants, players can receive a lot of Silver Not Mobile Dragon Mark, numbers Daily exchange rate is limited.

The most difficult way to find a sign is to get it in 3 days

3. Selling unused items

Sometimes the mainline or secondary mission requires the player to be straight to a certain level and you have to hang up, this is also the time when you can earn the Unblinked Dragon Mobile Silver Key. You only need to sell low-cost items or equipment to receive Keyless Silver, the most effective method.

4. Manufacturing rare equipment

Another interesting feature in the game Dragon Mobile Mark is Crafting, everyone has the opportunity to forge rare equipment to serve their personal goals, but not everyone has the chance to forge. out legendary equipment, sell them you also get a lot of Silver Not Lock Dragon Mobile Mark.

5. Some other forms of swords

– Direct trading, trading and exchanging with other players unused items.
– Fight bosses and finishers (kill bosses) receive valuable items => change Silver No Mobile Dragon Mark.
– Trading in the Market
– Exchange currency with other players, become a merchant :))
– Open lucky bags daily.

Meow khong bac khong Khoa dau rong mobile don nhat nhat 4

Just follow the right way to earn Silver Keyless Dragon Mobile Mark on here Taimienphi believes you will become the richest person, using carefully buy legendary equipment to increase the fighting power to win more rewards. Refer to how to receive and enter Dragon Imprint Code Mobile 2020 if you don’t know here yet

Update to the latest version of the game here.
– Link to download Android version: Dragon Mark Mobile for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Dragon Mark Mobile for iPhone


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