The fastest way to change VCNET password

The fastest way to change VCNET password

By changing the VCNET password regularly every 3 months, your VCNET account will always be protected in the most optimal way, this is also the way that many leading security experts The world believes and advises users to do so.

If you do not remember, or lose your password, Taimienphi has its own article sharing how to handle when forgot VCNET password here. So if you still remember your password but want to change it for security reasons or simply like, how do you change it?

Instructions to change VCNET password

In a series of articles on the topic of social networking VCNET, Taimienphi will continue to share with you the steps to reset the VCNET password quickly and accurately.

1. How to change the VCNET password on the computer
2. How to change the VCNET password on the phone

Instructions to change the VCNET password

1. How to change the VCNET password on the computer

How to perform the procedure to change the VCNET password will be illustrated by Taimienphi on the latest version of Chrome browser. Interested users can also quickly download this software and install it on the device via the following link.

– Download the Chrome browser here: Download Chrome

Step 1: First, please open browser and do Log in to your VCNET account his as usual;
Step 2: In the screen News Feed (Message board) display default first, click on the icon Account in the top right corner of the screen and select Change Password .

change the password

Step 3: The system will switch you to the window Change the password , with 3 info boxes.

Line 1: Enter the old password;
Line 2: Enter your new password;
Line 3: Enter the new password again.

Once completed, click the button Save below.

How to change password

The screen will display a small message dialog Update successful , from now on you can use the new password to log in and use the social network VCNET.

how to change vcnet account

2. How to change the VCNET password on the phone

Social network VCNET now has 2 versions working on mobile operating systems currently the most popular are Android and iOS. VCNET application has the full functions as the version on the computer, including the ability to change the password.

Users can quickly download the latest VCNET application from the link here.

– Download VCNET for iPhone
– Download VCNET for Android

In the tutorial, Taimienphi uses VCNET application on Android phones to illustrate, iPhone users can refer and perform the same.

Step 1: Open VCNET application on the phone;
Step 2: At the application’s working screen, click Account There is a humanoid icon in the lower corner of the screen.

how to change the vcnet password

Step 3: Keep clicking account name to go to Personal page;

how to change vcnet password 6

Step 4: In Personal page, you press the button Change Password;

how to change vcnet password 7

Step 5: The system will redirect you to the window Change the password. You enter the old and new password into the information box, then press Save;

how to change vcnet password 8

If the new password is accepted, a small message will appear Update successful as shown below.

how to change vcnet password 9
As you can see, the steps are instead Change VCNET password not too difficult. With just a few steps of implementation, Taimienphi has finished teaching you how to reset VCNET password effectively and quickly. Hopefully, with this small tip, you will be able to create a new password as you like, increasing the security of your account, in case you do not have an account, please refer to how create a VCNET account here.


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