The fastest way to increase the combat power of the game League of Super Freaks

In the Super League of Legends, the difference between the top-up Giants and the Vegetarians has been narrowed by the operation system, if the player takes the time to pocket the following secret to increasing the fighting power of the game.

Definitely with tips to increase game power League of Super Freaks Taimienphi’s game will help the hero overcome many copies, complete well the tasks of Challenge and Conquest to have abundant resources, compete on the leaderboard.

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Tips for playing League of Legends for newbies

Tips to play the game League of Super Freaks to level up fast

1. Perform mainline quests
First, you need to complete the series of story missions, daily tasks to receive materials and abundant Exp experience points. Every time a character level up, players can equip more items, level up generals, increase stars, add support heroes …. one of the most effective ways to increase the fighting power of the game League of Legends.

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2. Upgrade the champion of the game League of Super Freaks
Certainly, upgrading champions will allow you to increase the battle strength of Super League characters, make your heroes capable of dealing great damage from normal attacks or special skills, upgrade Super League champions Specifically stir like:
– Level up generals: Increase combat power, combat stats on champions
– Increase hero star: Upgrade skills, increase champion level cap
– Mandatory: Increase a basic attribute, special attribute
Deputy General: Added Deputy General and Exclusive Deputy General, adding assistants to the generals

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3. Upgrade equipment for the game League of Legends
Equipment is an important feature that helps to increase the power of the Super League of Legends directly on the champion like upgrading a champion. Players have the Card forging Equipment to own items with high attributes, more stats, helping the character of the Super League to optimize attack damage to monsters.

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4. Other ways to increase the fighting power of the game League of Super Strikes
– Combination: Allows the character to unleash skills when going to war without owning a general to join the raid in the squad, which can be enhanced to increase quality
– Phu Van: Items that help the character increase the attributes and power of the equipped general. Phu Van can be trained to increase stats.
– Guild: Join a Guild to get more guild skills.
– Rank: When equipped with Arms, the character is added attributes directly.
– Title: Similar to Troops, Trophies offer different attributes and combat power levels when equipped.

The above are all the most effective ways to increase the fighting force of the game League of Legends, which players need to know if they want to climb high on the server and inter-server rankings. If you have a more effective method, do not hesitate to comment in the comment section below for everyone to know.

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