The fastest way to restart iPhone

Your iPhone is slow, has lag and sometimes crashes in some applications, and also drains the battery because after a while you have not restarted your iPhone. To overcome this situation, restarting the iPhone will be the best solution, but not everyone knows.

Referring to restarting iPhone brings a lot of benefits to users because it will help your iPhone to return to the best state when there are too many problems during use. However, restarting iPhone does not mean that you will solve everything because if the error is too serious, restarting iPhone may cause you to Restore iPhone immediately.

Instructions to restart iPhone

Restart iPhone?

Before going into the article restarting iPhone, we need to know restarting iPhone is different than turning off and then on again. Many iPhone users still think that rebooting will turn it off and then on again. Basically this is not wrong but the iPhone has a better way for you. Unlike Android with the restart key, the iPhone we need to use the key combination to perform this operation.

how to restart iphone 2

How to restart iPhone

Step 1: First we need to know there are 2 ways to restart iPhone and these 2 ways use for 2 separate types of devices,

-> With the The device still uses the Home hard key, to restart iPhone you just need to hold the Home button and the Power button until the screen goes black and the apple icon is successful restart iPhone.

how to restart iphone 3

-> Left with the devices using the Home key or without the Home key like iPhone X we will operate the Power and Volume Down keys on the other side, hold both for a while until the logo and restart the iPhone is okay.

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Step 2: When displaying this apple screen, depending on the device and the device model, restarting the iPhone is fast or slow. Do not worry because after a few minutes your iPhone will run vivu again.

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And after rebooting the iPhone you will see all multitasking operations completely discharged, your iPhone will be like the new “turn off” on and off of course this way more professional turn off toggle back and forth.

how to restart iphone 6

Above is a quick guide on how to restart iPhone as well as things you need to know about how to restart iPhone. Hopefully, through the above article, readers will supplement their knowledge about using iPhone as well as utilities to help you use it better.

Perhaps after reading this article, many people will easily confuse with restarting iPhone as well as iPhone crashes, these are two completely different things, and even if there is, how to fix iPhone hangs. The machine is not very difficult, readers can refer to the error correction iPhone crashes right here with instructions from
For iPhone users, the data loss is the worst thing, so how to recover iPhone data after restoring the device, with the following iPhone data recovery tips, instructions will not be easy. more for readers.


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