The film songs Opposite Tears

In the Afternoon of Tears is a very popular drama in the Vietnamese film series, the film not only impresses the audience watching the film in the script, the acting style of the actor but also in the good soundtrack songs and Especially, if you are interested in the soundtrack of this movie, then immediately follow the song Counterclockwise Tears Free Download updated below.

The songs with the film “Against Tears” will be interesting sharing for readers who love the film “Against the Tears” to have the best music film against the tears, below will be the music songs. Film In the opposite direction with tears, you read along track.

The film songs Opposite Tears

1. Opposite tears – Si Giang
2. Find a peaceful place – Minh Vuong
3. Happiness in you – Si Christmas
4. Find a peaceful place – Si Giang

The film songs Opposite Tears

The most selective “Contrast Tears” movie songs

1. Opposite tears

Reverse video tears

Lyrics Contrast Tears

Opposite tears Karaoke

Good, selective films Contrast Tears

Download the song Inverse Tears Mp3 here

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Lyrics Contrast tears

Not like a dream, life still revolves.
Tears upstream, human love left.
Horizontal death, to be relieved.
Those who leave, those who stay know where to believe.
In childhood, life is still fresh.
Tears swept the stream, pure love.
Go through each other’s life, to be shy.
People go, go forever know where to find!
Tears rolled down the corners of her eyes.
The sun in my heart suddenly dissipated amidst all sorrow
Looking for happiness as vague.
Follow the wind and drop clouds soul!
People come to life prevent tears from falling.
Light up my soul every minute !!
It seems nostalgia finds in the heart.
Happiness is always with life
Going through dreams, still knowing life is fragile
Hear in my heart the love, sing the first love song!
Go back to the tears, find the past
Happiness is always with life!

2. Happiness in you

Video Happiness in you

Lyrics of Happiness in you

Happy in you Karaoke

Movie Songs Contrast Tears – Happiness Song in Kids Karaoke

Download the song Happiness in you Mp3 here

Lyrics of Happiness in you

In the dream night, I still sing your name
Dream of love together paint the future
Hand in hand to the end of heaven
Dream that this heart is always sweet and loving
I am fragile so he with the innocent
He vastly with you with passion
Loving moment of dreams
This heart will forever love you sweetly in the words of love
Although hard time I still believe that I will always
The smile forever on you sings that you are happy
Little love vows to end your life with me
Making love in the heart sing
My love is like a thousand stars shining in the sky
He came to the side like a moon in the middle of a thousand clouds
Every breath of love
Bustling passion together love soaring high
Hey, the love story is now in pairs
I come to the party very sincerely love
Send your love in the sunshine to the wind
We are never together forever

3. Find a peaceful place

Video Find peaceful places

Lyrics Find a peaceful place

Find a peaceful Karaoke place

Movie Songs Opposite Tears – Songs Finding Peaceful Karaoke

Download the song Find a peaceful place in Mp3 here

Lyrics find peace

There are some missed memories glide my eyelashes
Who wanders by the road sing alone
Gently dragging his feet and wandering clouds
Whoever looking for fragile side of love
To love! Still will love even know alone
Who! Go away so the nostalgia stays
His body here the first few minutes of love
Old memories still here where you are
Remember but hold hands first
The old kisses
Together step by step walk together
Now who has to go to the horizon
He sat here tears of fading tears mi
Hey now, where’s the cloud?
Rain, please don’t fall
To please stop hoping
Sing the love line!
Far away the sadness
Fading memories
This love is always for you
Find a peaceful place

The above is a collection of songs with the film “ Reverse the Tears, ” and the lyrics that come with the video, hoping to help readers find their favorite song in the film “ Reverse the Tears, ” the movie is successful? only in content but also in very compelling songs.

Besides updating to readers the collection of song songs Counterclockwise Tears, with readers favorite music film Survival can also follow on the system of Free Download offline, the soundtrack songs Has been Download Free to share quite a full read with reference.
In addition, there are a lot of good and unique songs in the current music genre, so do not ignore them, among the popular popular young music songs today, we have to mention Thuong song Let’s sing the song by Đức Phúc and Thùy Chi, this is also a nice, sweet song, the melody of the lyrics is Loving each other composed by musician Nguyen Cong Thanh, the song written on R&B music is quite sweet , along with the voices of the two singers, please read along with this song.


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