The first Windows 10 PowerToys application that allows you to customize the Snap size

If you’re a fan of the Snap feature on Windows 10, then you’ve probably been waiting and hoping that Windows allows you to design your own custom Snap layout, now you can do it with one of the apps you like. First to use PowerToys of Windows 10 is FancyZones.

If you don’t know what Snap does, sit down in front of a computer and open any window. Then press the Windows key and one of the navigation arrow keys. For example, if you press Windows key + left arrow key, Snap will narrow the Windows window to the left of the screen.

The first PowerToys application of Windows 10

But what if those windows are a bit smaller than what you need? Or instead of a 2 column window, you want 3? Until now, you had to manually create by manually dragging and resizing windows, but not now.

In essence, stuff PowerToys on Windows 10 is a beloved product of the Windows 95 era, allowing users to add edited extensions to the underlying operating system. Now, PowerToys is back and even each application has code available on GitHub for the proposed revisions. There are two initial PowerToys applications, Shortcut Guide and FancyZones. You will need to download the PowerToys installer, then select the application you want to install. You don’t even need Windows 10 Insider build to get these apps.

The first powertoys app of Windows 10 allows you to enable snap snapshots

The Shortcut Guide is basically a CheatSheet for what’s happening on your Windows desktop. Once the Shortcut Guide is activated, pressing the Windows key for a few seconds will turn on the available Windows shortcuts for what you currently see on your screen. The implication is that the Shortcut Guide is somewhat contextually aware and will display the action that the shortcut will perform with the current state of the computer and the active window. If after you trigger an action, you still hold the Windows key, the shortcut keys Win 10 That will adjust to reflect what you are seeing.

FancyZones includes built-in Snap templates or you can create your own

When you move a window to one side or corner of the screen, what you are doing is telling the window to minimize (or expand) to a predefined area of ​​the screen. What FancyZones does is allow you to choose from a list of samples of predefined areas or you can create your own.

In fact, you can create your own version of Windows Snap, so you can attach applications to cascading windows, or to areas on the screen.

The first powertoys app for Windows 10 that allows you to snap snap 2

The great thing about pre-configured templates is that it creates useful layouts right away, such as 3 columns of text that can fit the widescreen display, or prioritize expanding the middle cell.

The first powertoys app for Windows 10 that allows you to snap snap 3
If you are not satisfied with any of these, you can also create your own zones. FancyZones allows users to do this by creating resizable regions; or through exclusions, where some of the preconfigured areas can be removed or adjusted. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to rearrange windows for the Snap feature of Windows, FancyZones will be very helpful.


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