The function rounds whole numbers in Excel

There are quite a few integer rounding functions in Excel like FLOOR, Round … so it is confusing for users of this great spreadsheet tool, leaving them unsure of what formula they need to use. most suitable to the requirements of the person who gave it So will have the answer for you given below.

The function rounds whole numbers in Excel It sounds simple, but it is not easy to do it when there are many different specific rows with different functions to help you round whole numbers. So you need to study carefully how to use the function of rounding in Excel as well as their functions to apply properly.

In addition to the rounding functions introduced by as Round function in Excel, there is a fairly simple way of working based on given conditions, using Round function in Excel helps a lot in articles. math now

If you want to round numbers down, you can use the rounddown function to do this, the rounddown function will bring your sequence down to a lower value that is shortened as required. If the function has rounded numbers down, there must also be rounding up functions, so the Rounddup function in Excel also has the same function as rounddown but gives greater results.

However, there is still a shortcoming when we haven’t mentioned it FLOOR function. The integer rounding function in Excel FLOOR has the function of taking only the whole part of the number, removing the decimal, the remainder, and bringing the sequence of numbers to an even or even number according to the user’s condition. The FLOOR function has the following syntax:

= FLOOR (Symbols, Arguments)

Inside :

Symbol: the number or cell symbol that contains the number to be rounded

Argument: Fill in 1 if you want to round to odd numbers, 2 if you want to be even

You can follow the image below to better understand how the FLOOR function works.

Ham lam soon nguyen in excel 2

With functions for rounding integers in Excel like ROUND, ROUNDDUP, ROUNDDOWN and FLOOR will help you have more options appropriate to your needs in the spreadsheet, while improving your skills. Besides, you can use this method to round the amount in Excel as well.
In addition, there are other mathematical functions in Excel, such as basic functions or advanced functions. With the basic functions in Excel like MIN, MAX, COUNT …, you will meet more often, while the advanced functions in Excel like Vlookup. SumIF … then advanced problems that require quick solving will be used.


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