The giant python took the deer’s head and dragged it into the water

A video recording a scene of a giant python flying very quickly, grabbing a deer’s head and dragging it into the water was recorded in the Karwa forest, Maharashtra state, India, which was shared recently, making many people surprised.

Specifically, a herd of wild deer is approaching the edge of the lake to drink water. They are very alert as they constantly look around to see if there are any enemies. But even though they looked closely, the deer still couldn’t spot a python hiding in the muddy lake bed.

When the time came, the python suddenly jumped up with unbelievable speed, grabbed the deer’s head and dragged it into the lake. The remaining deer were shocked to see their fellows being attacked in the blink of an eye, then they immediately dispersed.

After pulling the deer into the lake, the python quickly wrapped and squeezed the prey. Although the deer tried to struggle to escape, it was unsuccessful and was swallowed by the hunter.

Pythons (Pythonidae) often live in forests, grasslands or nearby areas in streams, rivers, and lakes. They are an animal of the order Snakes, and are native to Asia, Africa and Australia.

Pythons are not venomous, so their way of hunting is often in the form of ambushes, then strangling and swallowing them. The food of small pythons is usually rodents, lizards, birds. With large python species, they can eat monkeys, antelopes, pigs, kangaroos, crocodiles…


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