The hacker group hastily released the ransomware decryption file after mistakenly attacking the police headquarters

Last month, a US police department was infected with the AvosLocker ransomware. This malicious code encrypted all the data of the police department and sent a ransom demand.

However, according to a screenshot just shared by security researcher pancak3, after learning that the victim is a government agency, the people behind AvosLocker took the initiative to send the decryptor for free.

Despite providing a free decryptor, the AvosLocker operators don’t share a list of stolen files, but like how they got into the police department’s network.

Sharing with BleepingComputer, an AvosLocker executive said that they don’t have a policy governing who they target. Usually, however, they will avoid attacking entities like government agencies and hospitals.

“But you should note that sometimes affiliate agents will attack the target without going through us”, AvosLocker executive member shared.

When asked if AvosLocker deliberately avoided targeting a government agency for fear of being “touched”, BleepingComputer received a different answer. “Generally speaking, it’s hard to get money from government agencies.”, AvosLocker shared.

However, it is likely that AvosLocker is also a bit sneaky when recently law enforcement agencies have carried out dismantling many gangs that spread ransomware. Global operations were conducted and many gangs including REvil, Egregor, Netwalker and Clop were arrested.

Pressure from the authorities forced a number of ransomware to stop working, including notorious names like DarkSide, BlackMatter, Avaddon and REvil.

However, there are still some groups that stubbornly refuse to surrender. These guys just changed their names to continue to evade law enforcement.

As for AvosLocker, the operator said they are not afraid of being arrested because US law enforcement does not have jurisdiction in “motherland”.


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