The latest Blockman Go code and how to enter the code

Blockman Go is a free Sandbox game, where players can create their own world and play with their friends or join other players’ worlds.

With a large and diverse game world, Blockman Go will be a game that never makes players feel bored. The game also supports gamers with gifts from giftcode that many players want. Code Blockman Go can provide coins or blocks for players to buy character skins or other items. Here is the latest Blockman Go Adventure giftcode list and how to enter the code.

Latest Blockman Go Code

  • XMyUrBfrubLB
  • Y7RDG2A85MFO6
  • NAPOI858N2H5

How to enter code Blockman Go

Step 1: First in the main interface, select the Activity Center icon. In the ongoing events in the list, scroll down and select Enter Giftcode here.

Step 2: In the giftcode input interface, enter one of the codes above in the Enter code here box and select Confirm below.

blockman go giftcode

Features of Blockman Go

Various game genres

Just like Roblox, players can participate in a wide variety of games in Blockman Go. The games will range from action, adventure, wisdom, simulation… You can even get the power of Marvel superheroes or the powers of famous anime characters like Goku, Luffy, Naruto.. etc


If you can’t find a game you like, create your own world. Just go to Blockman Editor to create a mini game and invite your friends to play. When you create a new game, you join a great developer community & can share your minigame with everyone in Blockman Go.

blockman go

Character Skins

To create character and also allow players to express their personality. Blockman Go also creates character skins with specific themes for players to choose according to the set or choose individual items such as pants, clothes, shoes, hair …

Profile photos are also a way for you to express your own style. Each mini game in Blockman Go gives players a separate set.

Upgrade VIP account

Blockman Go Adventure is completely free, but you can upgrade your account to VIP to receive gold blocks and other special offers.

Obviously this is a game where diversity has been maximized when it satisfies the needs of many gamers. The game also has many events organized by game developers so that players do not get bored.

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