The latest Code of King of the Underworld Migame, get Kim Nguyen Bao, Exp, Stone

At 10 am today, the first S1 server cluster of the King of Heaven Migame welcomes the Emperors to join the fierce battlefield, along with thousands of KNB, High Recruit Orders and Rare Equipment will help. The Emperor completed Ba Ye as soon as possible.

With the desire to bring players the best experience, Migame opens many events at its homepage and Fanpage forum, the rewards for participants are codes. Code of King of the Underworld Migame super value.

1. Introducing the game King of Heaven Migame

King of Heaven is a new generation tactical general battle game with AFK feature of NPH Migame, no need to go online to still have good stuff. The King of Heaven Migame depicts realistic images of martial arts generals of the Three Kingdoms period, players need to build a squad of 6 elite martial arts generals to fight all enemies.

2. Outstanding features of the game King of Heaven Migame

– Tactical fighting game AFK on Mobile
– Create eye-catching characters, smooth character movements
– More than 200 martial arts generals characters of the Three Kingdoms period
– Diverse skill system, freely transform the formation
– Match Match, Trigger Charm, Accumulate Discharge Skill
– Welfare activities are not lacking, continuously every time frame

Summary of the latest Migame Mobile Migame Mobile King Code

3. Why must enter the game Code of King Thien Ha Migame?

Lu Bo, Ton Quyen, Dong Trac, Dieu Thuyen, Chu Du … are SSR generals with high quality and super strong skills. Code King of the Underworld Migame provides KNB and High Grave Tickets for players to have the opportunity to own these famous martial arts generals.
– Natural needle protection
– High Recruit Order
– Unmatched Red Stone
– Ascending Stone
– Progress Stone
– Exp heroes and Silver

4. Latest Migame Migame Code List

– VGTHDK1000
We are updating and adding the latest Migame King Code every day, princesses, don’t forget to visit often to receive many in-game items.

5. How to enter the Code of King of Heaven Migame

Step 1: At the main interface of the game, you click Avatar figure.

giftcode king of heaven migame

Step 2: In the table Playerswitch to card Setting.

game code king of heaven migame

Step 3: Next choose Redeem Code.

enter the code of the king of heaven migame

Step 4: Import Code of King of the Underworld Migame latest, press Determined.


– Press any location collect reward redeem Code King of Heaven Migame.

full code game king of heaven migame

6. How to get the new Migame King of Heaven Code
Events Share Trailer, Join Group, Like Fanpage or Register Early on the Fanpage forum of King Thien Ha Migame all provide GiftCode for participants, with just a few clicks you will immediately have what you need.
– Homepage of the King of the Underworld Migame
– Facebook Fanpage of King Thien Ha Migame
– Group of Kings of Heaven Migame
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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