The latest Code of Tieu Ngao Ton Ton and how to enter

Tieu Ngao Doc Ton is a turn-based chess game released by VGP. The game follows the original and almost fully reproduces the heroic battles of the heroic heroes on their wandering path.

You and your character will be enlightened with classic sets of exercises such as: Hang Long Thap Bat Chuong, Cuu Duong Chan Kinh, Quy Hoa Bao Dien, Bac Minh Than Cong…

The feature of rotating the squad is extremely diverse with an 8v8 lineup for gamers to show off their creativity and match their magic. All heroes in the game can customize martial arts freely, not limited to a few fixed moves

And like many other games, players also have the giftcode Tieu Ngao Doc Ton that the game publisher gives to gamers. Here is the latest Tieu Ngao Single Ton giftcode and how to enter.

The latest Code of Taughty Pride

Effect Code
Still validated TNDT1MUJG6RR
Still validated TNTT2GGX76RZ
Still validated TNDT32MCMSNU
Still validated TNDT43MNSY5W
Still validated TNDT5HPAXKF2
Still validated L6111HD3TQJP

How to enter code Tieu Nguoi Ton Ton

Step 1: In the main interface, select your profile picture in the upper left corner. Then choose next

Step 2: In the player information panel, select Codes of the Bounty to open the code entry feature.


Step 3: Select the code input box.


Step 1: Enter one of the codes Tieu Ao Dai Ton above and select Confirm.


Finally select Redeem below to receive gifts from giftcode.


If the code is still valid, you will receive a gift from the giftcode added directly to your bag.


In addition to the free giftcodes, you will have more activities on the game’s Fanpage to have a chance to receive gifts. The game publisher will also announce details of the offers as well as the newly opened servers.

Link to join Fanpage Tieu Ngoi Ton


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