The latest Code of Trieu Vuong Tranh Ba

After so many days of waiting, finally the real-time strategy game of military real-time control of the Kingdom of Trieu Vuong is officially launched. valuable, hurry to receive immediately to own many priceless items.

Like the strategy game In real time, in Trieu Tranh Ba, players control generals to form a formation on their own, fight with rivals from other factions, build Jiangshan for themselves.

Three Kingdoms strategy game in real time

Code Trieu Tranh Tranh Ba

– c203a7ac52573516
– beefe5e5eab8cec7
– 0025875af5eddc02
– 29270a596de78913
– 0dd0246d63505dbe
– 53c4219f4424b5d1

How to get Code Kingdoms Triumphs

Event 1: Welcome new server

– Reward: Code Vuong Trieu Tranh Ba
– Link to join: Events 1

Event 2: Vote App 5 ★
– Reward: Code Vuong Trieu Tranh Ba, worth VND 800,000
– Link to join: Events 2

Do not forget to regularly visit the forum and community to participate in the latest events and activities to own the valuable Code of Trieu Vuong Tranh Ba, each GiftCode offers different reward value.
– Join Fanpage to get Code Vuong Trieu Tranh Ba here.
– Joining the Group to receive Code Vuong Trieu Tranh Ba here

code vuong trieu trieu three 2

Instruction to enter the Code of Vuong Trieu Tranh Ba

Step 1: At the main interface of Trieu Tranh Ba, select the item Event.

code vuong trieu trieu three 3

Step 2: Then select the tab Gift Tags => Enter Code Trieu Tranh Tranh Ba and the reward will automatically appear => click Get Rewards, the item returns itself to the character’s inventory.

code vuong trieu trieu three 4

A card game strategy product has just been launched in early 2020, very much Code Idol Three Kingdoms Free that players can get. So what are you waiting for without hurrying to take it.

Link to download the game Vuong Trieu Tranh Ba

Take part in the fiery battlefield, build an army to protect the stronghold, occupy the land and expand your influence in Trieu Vuong Ba, unifying the galaxy on mobile phones.

– Link to download Android version: Kingdoms Triumphs for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Trieu Vuong Tranh Ba for iPhone
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