The latest Forever Hero Luc Code, Gift Code to receive Nguyen Bao

Forever Hero Luc welcomes players with 2 new server clusters, on the occasion of the game’s official launch SOLOPLAY presents readers with the latest list of the latest Eternal Hero Luc Code and many attractive gifts that gamers always dream of. to wish.

Eternal Heroes Luc brings unique novelties such as ancient style art graphics, ancient context, diverse combat modes. For a good experience, you should enter Code Forever Hero Luc Latest.

1. Introducing the game Eternal Heroes

Forever Hero Luc is a new general card strategy game from NPH SOLAPLAY for Android and iOS devices, the game has a massive character system and many special skills that counter each other, players need to be smart. when choosing to add to your main lineup.

2. Outstanding features of the game Eternal Heroes

– Brand new vertical screen generals card game on mobile
– Idle strategy game, AFK still has gifts
– Oriental style 2D graphics
– Freely customize the squad with more than 100 counter heroes
– Many welfare activities, free champion spins

Summary of the latest Code of Eternal Heroes Luc Mobile

3. Why have to enter the game Code of Eternal Heroes?

Enter the latest Code of Eternal Heroes that provides free Gold and Gold, they are 2 precious currencies for you to upgrade your champion, increase your rank, strengthen your weapon… and much more. so that the hero has stronger fighting power.

4. Latest Code of Eternal Heroes

– VIP88888
– MDAHL666
– MDAHL888
– MDAHL999
– MUON0000

– MUON8880 is constantly updating new codes, readers please come back to receive more redemption codes.

5. How to enter Code Forever Hero Luc

Step 1: After the player places level 10you click Avatar icon character.
Step 2: Choose Seri number below to the section Activation code.

enter the code you want to use

Step 3: Import Code Forever Hero Luc in the empty box, press Get Rewards.
Step 4: Back to the interface Master CityInto the system Letters receive rewards.

Doi code wants to fight the hero

– The reward for each Giftcode code is not the same, you press Receive collect.

full code want to fight the hero

6. How to get new Code of Eternal Heroes
Participating in Fanpage groups and forums, watching Livestream or Loan launching … are outstanding events that you can participate and follow to win many attractive Codes of Eternal Life, here also is your chance to meet and interact with other players.
– Home Forever Hero Luc
– Facebook Forever Hero Luc
– Group Forever Heroes Luc
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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