The latest Three Kingdoms Code and how to enter the code

It seems that the general card game is becoming the choice of many mobile game players rather than choosing a character with a clear sect and profession and then continuing his career as MMORPGs.

Tam Quoc Than Ma is a tactical card game that combines SLG with the plot and characters of the Three Kingdoms with good-looking graphics and interface, with diverse and attractive gameplay that is familiar to many mobile game players.

The game has created many attractive and unique features for players compared to other products of the same genre. The game also has a code entry feature to help players receive support gifts for newcomers. Below is a list of Tam Quoc Than Ma codes and how to enter the code.

The latest Code of Three Kingdoms Than Ma

Currently, there is no code for novice Tam Quoc Than Ma, when there is a list of codes from the game publisher. Ad will update right in the article for you when there is a new code from the game publisher.

How to enter the code Three Kingdoms Than Ma

Step 1: First, go to the main interface, select the personal avatar icon.

Step 2: In the Personal Information section, select the Character section.

code of three kingdoms than ma

Step 3: In the Characters section, select Redeem Gifts.

code of three kingdoms than ma

In the code input interface, enter the giftcode that is issued from the game publisher or from the events you participate in on the game’s Fanpage.

code of three kingdoms than ma

Description of the game Three Kingdoms God Ma

The system of gods in the game is quite rich with many factions in the game, the most prominent is probably the Ma General faction with names such as runner-up Vuong Ton Sach, Long Dam Trieu Van, Astrology Ta Tu, Demon Maou Quach Gia… The Divine General faction currently has Bach Khoi, a super hero with unparalleled strength and the favorite choice of all players.

The promotion system in the Three Kingdoms of God includes a very rich title that brings great benefits to the player. With the official positions and conditions obtained after leveling up, the player will also increase the rewards and benefits directly.

code of three kingdoms than ma

You can arrange the troops in the game such as Thuan Binh, Dao Binh, Invalids, Cavalry, Cung Binh, Medical Su and 4 main battles such as Wei, Thuc, Ngo, Quan Hung to counter each other. Combat strength is not a decisive factor if you correctly and appropriately arrange the formation to counter the enemy squad and change the battle landscape.

You can join your friends to build your clan together and have your own Empire. The more cities you capture, the higher your daily rewards will be.

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