The most beautiful bridal makeup addresses in Hanoi

The following most beautiful bridal makeup addresses in Hanoi that we have collected are useful information for you who are in need of makeup, preparing for the big day of your life. Permanent makeup shop in Hanoi quality, prestige, reasonable price.

Talking about makeup, makeup and beauty services, the previous article, provided you with the top addresses of beautiful bride makeup in HCM, in this article, we would like to share the page address. The most beautiful bride in Hanoi, hopefully, you will find a beautiful makeup address, suitable for your needs and budget.

The most beautiful bridal makeup addresses in Hanoi

On the big day of life, every bride wants to be beautiful, radiant and most attractive, so brides often want to find the most beautiful bridal makeup address in Hanoi to makeup themselves. on the wedding day. Catching that demand, has compiled 5 most beautiful bridal makeup salons in Hanoi. Invite you to consult.

Here are 5 bridal makeup shops and beautiful bridal makeover shops:

#first. Bul Nguyen Make Up – A beautiful place for make up in Hanoi

But the makeup site is the best

Bul Nguyen Make Up, a beautiful place for make up in Hanoi

The first beautiful makeup site that we would like to introduce to you is Bul Nguyen Make Up. Come to Bul Nguyen Make Up makeup salon, whether you require gentle, romantic or seductive makeup style, all your requirements are met. With the cosmetologists in the salon who have many years of experience, clean and beautiful space, there is a clear makeup process from consulting, skin testing, choosing suitable chalk to makeup so you can be assured and funny. Please come here.

Contact information:

Phone: 0963929989
Address: Số 4 khu TT 33 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Hà Nội City

# 2: Quanbee Make-Up

But the most beautiful location of the site 2

Quanbee Make-Up provides both bridal makeup services at home in Hanoi

Where makeup beautiful party? Referring to the beautiful bride makeup address, beautiful make up addresses in Hanoi, you will not be able to mention Quanbee Make-Up. The make-up artist at Quanbee Make-Up is always up to date on the new, skilled makeup trend to bring customers to the makeup a fresh, radiant appearance. Another highlight in the Quanbee Make-Up makeup store is that all cosmetics are high-class products that are not afraid of causing damage to the skin, so many people love it.

Contact information:

Phone: 0888399838; 0972724666
Address: 19 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

# 3: Mai Do Make Up

But the best makeup locations in ha 3

Mai Do Make Up, a bridal makeup shop, makes up a beautiful yearbook in Hanoi

Mai Do Make Up is also one of the bridal makeup addresses that is chosen by many beautiful makeup, meets the needs of customers and has a reasonable price. At Mai Do Make Up beauty salon, makeup professionals are highly trained, skilled, always absorbing new things, cosmetics, makeup kits of good quality that have met the needs. Various makeup from customers from makeup to students, party make-up to bridal make-up with different styles.

Contact information:

Phone: 0859922222
Address: 13 Phạm Hồng Thái, Ba Đình, TP. Hanoi

# 4: John Kim Wedding

But the best makeup locations in ha 4

John Kim Wedding is one of the places where makeup services are provided

John Kim Wedding was founded by John Kim – who has many years of experience in makeup with different makeup styles. Coming to John Kim Wedding makeup address, you will be assured because not only a team of enthusiastic consultants but you also own a beautiful, outstanding face when makeup is finished. In particular, not only ordinary customers but many Miss Vietnam come to John Kim Wedding to make up, this has confirmed the prestige and class of the store in the market. However, the cost of makeup salon is a bit expensive, you should consider to choose the address that suits your pocket.

Contact information:

Phone: 09733313162; 0905029996
Address: 14 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, TP. Hanoi

# 5: Quach Anh Makeup Store

But the best makeup locations in ha 5

Quach Anh Makeup Store

Besides Mai Do Make Up, Quanbee Make-up, John Kim Wedding …, Quach Anh Makeup Store is also one of the most beautiful bridal makeup addresses in Hanoi. With the enthusiastic consultation of makeup artists in the salon, you will choose the makeup style that suits your face, suitable for the purpose of makeup as well as the space. In addition, Quach Anh makeup Store uses quality cosmetics, good grip, so you do not worry after a short time, makeup is no longer available. If you are looking for make up addresses, Quach Anh Makeup Store is an ideal suggestion for you.

Contact information:

Phone: 0377993333
Address: 20 Mac Dinh Chi, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

The most beautiful bridal makeup addresses in Hanoi that we have collected are all beautiful, famous and popular makeup salons. If you have a need for make-up photos, event makeup, bridal makeup, you can visit the addresses above.

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