The most detailed way to rename pets, Pets in Play Together

Recently NPH HAEGIN has allowed players to change their pet’s name in the Play Together game instead of the default as before, this allows your pet to stand out more with a new name, if you don’t know how to change the pet’s name. How do you love Play Together, please refer to the article below.

Pet – Pets As the player’s companions in Play Together, they stay with you at all times, wherever you are, making sure you’re not alone when you’re on quests or exploring the world. But there are some players who don’t know that they can Play Together pet name change, give them a cooler name than the default.

The easiest way to change your pet’s name in the game Play Together

Instructions to rename the pet game Play Together

Step 1: At the main interface in the game Play Together, click the . icon Backpack.

how to play ten bow game play together

Step 2: Next you switch to tab Pet, click question mark (?) In the pet you want to rename, give it a new name.

how to play together

Step 3: Next select the projection icon Pen next to the current Play Together pet name.

how to play ten bow in game play together

Step 4: Import New Play Together pet names in the empty box (eg Taimienphi named the pet Super Cool) => press Save.
– Attention: Pet names are only 2 to 14 characters long.

play ten pet in the game play together

– Then the pet names in your Play Together will be changed, they will be displayed as shown in the illustration below by Taimienphi.

pet play together

play with ten pets in play together
Players should remember that after combine pets in Play Together, the name you set will disappear and replaced with another default name, you can do the same operation as above to give them a new name, can add special characters or name a space.. . up to you.

Reference: How to name spaces Play Together

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