The most effective way to play Fishing and Life for newbies

In the article below, will provide you with all the information you need to know about Fishing and Life game, as well as share you Fishing and Life game tips for newbies to help you get all the best fishing deals. treasure chest and catch the biggest fish in the sea.

Fishing and Life is a fishing game with gentle gameplay combined with beautiful graphics, clear sound, helping players relax and reduce stress. To help you achieve high achievements and have the best gaming experience, will share with you all the information you need to know, including Fishing and Life game tips (Fishing and Life) for newbies.

The most effective way to play Fishing and Life

Tips for playing Fishing and Life for newbies

First you need to download and install Fishing And Life on your computer:
– For Android: Fishing and Life for Android
– For iOS: Fishing and Life for iPhone

1. Grab the treasure chests floating in the sea

Fishing and life game for everyone

The first thing you need to do when starting out is to get all the treasure chests you see in the sea. They will give you gold that can be used to upgrade boats, fishing rods, nets and more. Gold chests will give you a large amount of gold, but you will need to watch ads to get them, while silver chests have less gold but you won’t have to watch ads. Regardless of the type of treasure chest, you should still get them because you will need to accumulate gold for various activities in the game.

2. Find the ideal fishing spot

Depending on the boat you have, you can go a certain distance away from the shore. You should find a place with a lot of fish with the current boat you have and try to farm the big fish. It can take some time to get the most valuable fish from that area, but be patient and what will happen will come.

fishing and life game guide for people

3. Use small, low-value fish as bait

You will often catch some fish that are not worth keeping for sale. These fish should be used as bait because other fish will love this dish. The small fish actually appear in the game for that purpose. If you happen to catch some small but valuable fish, keep them to sell for money.

4. Upgrade when possible

You will need to make some in-game upgrades to get a more efficient fishing trip, and will tell you exactly what you should focus on upgrading in the early stages and the best order. to upgrade everything.

Right after starting, you should fish and sell them for gold to upgrade. Also, don’t overlook the treasure chests. Then go to the docks and make some upgrades like this:

– Upgrade fishing rod (Fishing Rob) to level 5.
– Upgrade fishing line (Line) to level 5-7.
– Upgrade coil (Reel) to level 3.

the best way to play fishing and life

You will then start saving gold to buy the next available fishing boat (9000 gold). With the new fishing boat you will be able to go further and unlock new fishing locations.

Your next upgrade goals will be:

– Upgrade fishing rod (Fishing Rob) to level 8.
– Upgrade fishing line (Line) to level 10.
– Upgrade coil (Reel) to level 5.

The ideal order of upgrading should be: Fishing Rod > Fishing Line > Reel.

5. Watch ads for free upgrades

In the game Fish and Life, you can choose to watch short ads to get some free upgrades instead of using gold. Ads are always available, especially after you clear your pocket. So if you want to upgrade without losing money, the simplest and easiest way is to watch ads.

6. Get free gold

How to play fishing and life game Cau Cam Mo Phong

When you enter the shop, you’ll see 4 tabs at the top of the screen: Items, Boats, Characters, and Gold Stores. Go to the Gold Store and tap the first option you see. It will reward you around 2000-4000 gold.

7. Unlock new characters

In the shop you will be able to unlock new characters to fish for you. Your first character is a novice angler, but you’ll soon be able to unlock the amateur angler, which increases your earnings by 10%. You then unlock the pro fisherman with 22k gold, which gives a 20% increase in your winnings and finally the legendary fisherman, which gives a 40% increase in your coins.

8. Complete quests to get rewards

Fishing and life game for everyone

At the top right of the screen in the game Fishing and Life, you will see a quest that says if you collect certain fish you can earn tons of gold. If you want an extra way to collect gold, then don’t skip the in-game quests. In addition, when you have caught 2 of the 3 fish required by the quest, you can choose to watch ads to complete the mission without having to fish the remaining fish.

Thus, the article has shared with you some useful Fishing and Life game tips for newbies. Hopefully the information shared above will help you achieve impressive achievements and goals in the game.
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