The most effective YouTube video cutting website

The most effective YouTube video cutting website

Have you ever wanted to send a friend or colleague an important snippet in a YouTube video and didn’t want to send the entire content? Although you can mark a specific time on a YouTube video, this feature is not supported on all devices. Not only that, it is quite confusing, so websites that support cutting Youtube videos were born.

Along with sharing video clips with friends, cropping YouTube videos is also the way many marketers and influencers often use. Have you ever seen a Twitter user post a part of the video and get thousands of responses? How did they do it?

The most effective YouTube video cutting website

To trim a YouTube video, you don’t necessarily need to use specialized software like Vegas Pro. All you need to get is the video link and choose the most effective YouTube video cutting website. In this article, will introduce you to 2 websites to help you cut YouTube videos immediately without having to download any special applications. Stay tuned soon!

Summary of YouTube video cutting website:
1. YT Cutter.
2. ytCropper.

1. YT Cutter

YT Cutter is the leading website for cutting and cutting Download YouTube videos. It has an intuitive interface, easy to use and offers many different download options.

The cutting process is also very simple. First, paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to cut and press the key Enter or button Start (on page).

The video will then load and you will notice the controls on its left. When playing a video, you can press the button Start and End to create the range you want to cut. Everything before and after this video will be cut off.

You can also use the and buttons > to increase and decrease by 10 seconds during the current pause time, allowing you to select exactly the parts you want to trim in a video.

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Once you have set the terminal time, you can click on it Preview to play the video you have just selected to see if it has met the requirements or not. If you are satisfied, you can download the cropped video in many different formats.

Click the Download button to display the 4 options as follows:
– Video file: MP4 file of the video you just cut (including audio)
– GIF animations: Image as a GIF of the clip you just cropped
– Audio file: MP3 file of the clip you just cropped (no images)
– Screenshot: Snapshot of the beginning of the clip you just cut in high resolution

In rare cases after choosing a format, you may get an error that indicates that the speed limit set by YouTube has expired. If you wait a few more seconds and try again, you can download successfully. If not, wait some time and try again.

– Access YT Cutter here.

2. ytCropper

ytCropper works a little differently than YT Cutter, but this is also a great alternative when you want to trim YouTube videos.

On ytCropper’s website, you can start by pasting the YouTube video link and clicking the button Crop! You will be taken to a new page to play and preview the video.

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YtCropper’s markup system is pretty familiar if you’ve used other video editing tools. Instead of asking the user to click buttons to define start and end points, you can drag these buttons on the interface.

One downside of ytCropper is that it does not support microseconds, meaning that it is difficult for you to trim videos correctly. However, it has intuitive indicators, which help you pinpoint the exact location to cut. This will help you lengthen or shorten the video easily.

When you are satisfied with your selection, click the button Crop! again to play your video.

ytCropper will not allow direct video downloading, all it does is embed YouTube videos into a page where you can choose start and end points. Another interesting feature is the ability to repeat, which is especially useful when you want to cut your favorite part of a song. You can share videos directly with the link provided on the website.

– Access ytCropper here.
Both websites cut YouTube videos The above introduction all help solve the limitations of other video cutter. YT Cutter allows downloading of cropped videos while ytCropper provides links to those videos. Hopefully, with the above information, you will get the best choice for your job.


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