The most realistic images of Anaconda python – ‘Amazon river monster’

No sharp fangs nor deadly venom, but Anaconda python is a name that when mentioned makes many people curious and afraid.

This python has the largest body size in the snake family. They have been included in countless legends, becoming an endless source of inspiration for many horror movies around the world.

However, in reality, this python species is quite shy and often avoids humans.

The Bolivian anaconda is one of the most rare and “legendary” creatures. To see this creature with their own eyes, some people are willing to dive into the Amazon River without protective gear.

The first to mention is Jeremy Wade. He was “face-to-face” with the world’s scariest python, and it was a 1-0-2 experience of a lifetime. All captured in the video below.

Another is Franco Banfi – a 53-year-old researcher – who has a boundless fascination with snakes who spent a lot of time getting close to and photographing this giant python. He was very lucky to have access to the python and recorded the images of it below.

Without hesitation, he immediately approached the python, and obtained close-up images of the Anaconda python having just finished a full meal and resting as we see below.

Bartolomeo Bove – a professional diver also dived into the Amazon River to be able to see with his own eyes the unique freshwater creatures in Brazil including anacondas, piranhas… For details, please see the article “Close-up of the screen of the sea”. Anaconda pythons and piranhas in the Brazilian river by divers”.


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