The music video is finally released, Trung Ruoi

The music video was finally performed by Trung Ruoi and Thai Son and many other actors. This parody is quite attractive and impressive with a lively melody. The music video says the hard work of the mason, along with the dangers lurking, but in life there are many lucky things that we can not foresee.

MV music products Finally also degree Trung Trung’s very attractive with vibrant and impressive melody. Parody MV is updated below, please follow along.

The music video is finally released, Trung Ruoi

MV music processing Finally is the level, Trung Ruoi

Along with this attractive seafood product, you and you can also watch more of Trung Ruo’s other comedy videos like the music comedy After six and a half. This product was launched not long ago and a lot of people love it.
Or you can also listen and follow the comedy MV Rimless frame composed and performed by Tuan Cry. Hopefully, these good products will meet your entertainment needs easily and effectively.


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