The poem about the rice flower blooming in March is the most beautiful and meaningful

The best rice flower poetry has been compiled by in the following article. I love reading and pondering these beautiful lines. Each coming flower season gives us endless flow of emotions, maybe the rice flower season in March is the same, reminding us of the countryside, a region in our memories.

When it comes to rice flowers, we often think they grow tall in pagodas, communal houses, at the top of the village, in the middle of the field, and in the month of March. In addition to the name of the rice flower, it is also called the beautiful Moc Mien and Po Lang flowers. Therefore, many people have borrowed rice flowers to write poems that captivate people’s hearts. If you love poetry, don’t miss this beautiful bunch of poems about rice flowers.

Short poem about beautiful rice flowers

The best collection of poems about rice flowers

1. The rice flower season that year

The rice flower season that year.

Sad memory.

He enlisted in the army away from the village.

Far from the person you love.

Wait for the boat to dock.

Only two years.

Memories are small.

I see the depths.

The season of red rice flowers.

Paint more life.

Two-year obligation.

He will return to his old place.

Two years is enough.

Test our love.

Our soldiers are far from home.

But faithful love.

Beautiful rice flower season.

Welcome again

Love blooms.

After two years apart.

Love is a challenge.

Burn the heart.

Love does not lie still.

But burning with enthusiasm.

You and I knew.

Love is to be faithful.

Red velvet rice flower color.

Like the love you give.

(To Hung Poetry – Group: Poetry Lovers Association)

2. Rice flowers

Paradise in a corner without trouble

Flying the red flag at the far end of the village

Sad cicadas sing

Startle! Oh it’s the end of March,

Whose house’s pomelo flowers are full of alleys

At this time, the lotus bud, becomes a flower,

I’m the only one who’s old

Sit and hug and miss home forever.

(Poetry by Hoai Hien Nguyen – Group: Poetry Lovers Association)

3. Rice flower season

There are many flowers in the Northwest

Or grow into a very beautiful forest

There is only one species

I like to be alone again

But it’s so pretty

Possesses a wonderful bright red color

The petals are thick and elongated

Cotton has five gently curved petals

With intense red color

When it blooms, it spreads very wide

Lovely and charming red

Like a young girl’s lips in springtime

Fragile straight pistil

The red dot on my head is on fire

When looking at rice flowers from afar

Gives me an indelible excitement

Bright crimson flower color

Like sparks about to burn

This tree is also very special

The leaves have all fallen to give way to flowers

Only flowers on the branches

Race to show off the bright colors of heaven and earth

Out exactly once a year

Gives me the feeling of waiting impatiently

Until the rice flowers bloom

In the heart of joy, the soul is ecstatic

See the flowers drop soul here

Sending nostalgia in the wind

(Giang Nguyen Poetry – Group: Poetry Lovers Association)

happy to go to the flower

The best and most meaningful rice tree poem

4. There is a season of rice flowers

Every March, red rice flowers on the branches

The scene is poetic, like a picture to remember forever.

Heart fluttering, interwoven with foolish times

Dear two, why are you afraid to speak!

Just looking at each other, with smiling eyes

Confidential love, romantic life adventure.

Always wishing, that fate will keep you company

Holding hands, come to see the spring sky.

Truc Mai is pink, offers her love

At the root of rice, love a thousand times passionately.

Light breeze, beautiful petals flying

Peaceful village, endless crimson color…

One day, the enemy came to brutality

Blood and fire, the scene of chaos.

Confused, the man went to war

For the motherland, entrust yourself to sacrifice.

The war is over, the sun is shining at dawn

But the soldier, sacrificed not return.

Rest in peace, goodbye forever

Where do you know, the village girl.

Stay faithful, keep your vows

Once cherished, the faith of love languished.

Years and years, whispering to call

The thin, painful piece of the moon will last a lifetime.

Spring has passed, it’s been decades

Still waiting, the dreamer for a while.

The hair is gray, the petals are sobbing

Waiting for you to come back, tearfully remembering the old people.

Heartbreak, it’s raining in March

Where else, spring races for flavor.

Dear people, who remembers this painful soul?

Sad rice flowers, dyed red engraved in the heart.

Could it be that the ancients did not return to find it?

Bring memories, bury them over the years.

In my heart, every pain in the night is empty

On the horizon, rice flowers cover the green grave…

(Thai Xuan Poetry – Group: Poetry Lovers Association)

In addition to rice flowers, the school roof is also a beautiful memory for each of us. Therefore, poems about school roofs are loved by many people. If you like poetry and want to dispel the nostalgia of school, you can read the poems in the following article.

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6. Poems about rice flowers: Rice flowers

Every spring, you know

March rice flowers fall red

Take off your hat and pick up flowers to light the fire

Filled with white age memories.

Now rice flowers remind me

Love nostalgia

Burning in my heart

When will the sun be warm and rosy cheeks

That’s when I miss and hope.

(Thien Thanh Thanh Poetry – Group: Poetry Lovers Association)

The song is so beautiful

Beautiful poem in March of the rice flower season

7. Old Wharf

Red rice flowers

The old riverbank has bloomed

Spring breeze gently shakes

Shining a corner of the sky


I went to the river to get married

March rice flower season

Leave the countryside empty

Sending sadness into the void


Another season of rice flowers

The countryside is heartbreaking

Am I happy now?

As I’ve always wanted


I’m over there now

Remember rice flowers, river wharf?

long time no come back

Remember your ex?

(Poems Yen Tran – Group: Poems and Love Songs Beyond Time)

8. Rice flower season

The rice flower in the sky in March

Evoking memories that make us feel heartbroken

Forever wild, miss you

The remote countryside is imprinted in the soul

Catch the sunrise – watch the sunset

Next to the old rice tree at the top of the village in the middle of the field

Red flowers in the middle of nowhere

Like someone anxiously waiting

A dream past

Innocent innocence in life

Feel sad when you see the flowers fall

Like the moment of saying goodbye

Past, present, future

Shouldn’t be “too” passionate about something?

Life is like a trip

Meeting less – parting more often

Swearing “forever” when in love

Sometimes it’s just a temporary adventure

(Strange Poetry – Group: Poems and Love Songs Beyond Time)

9. Moc Mien Light the fire of love

The sun is up..

The rice flower is shining in the sky

The peaceful March of spring is about to end

Heaven and earth draw endless scenes

A season of passionate red flowers summer

Afternoon let go..

Immense sunshine

The rice tree near the village lights up the flower color

Heaviness in the hearts of people far away

Now go back home to find some homeland


A glimpse of passion

The same flower season is full of spring features

Moc mien walking in song

The voice of love sent to me with sadness

Country love..

Falling in love

Moc mien is as red as a heart

Life is like a bird’s wingspan

Far away from that flower season to find a dream

Carpentry Hypnosis..

Send poetry

Deepen memories that are not far away

First love in the middle of the flower season

When I turned nine, it was really infatuated


The wind blows

Falling petals are full of habit

Return to find a little oblivion

Moc mien rice flowers love the fragrance of love.

(Perfume’s Poetry – Group: Poems and Love Songs Beyond Time)

10. If not, rice flowers

March rice flower season

Bright red welcomes spring

But spring is ending

Summer is in the season

Little rice flower

Moment to burn

Then quietly spin

Throw yourself in the wind

Thanh Minh rice flower season

Mother holds her child in despair

Look at the rice flower blooming

I suddenly feel sorry for who

Delivery of the rice flower season

Do you know who to blame?

Cold, cold, cold girl

If not, the flower must bloom

(Poems by Pham Thanh – Group: Poems and Love Songs that transcend time)

11. March is the rice flower season

Rice flowers bloom all over the sky,

The color of flowers is red hot as if inviting more sun.

Oh, the flowers fall on the porch,

Colorful flowers remember the old feelings!


Once I stood in the rain,

Unseasonal rain I stand beside you.

The rice flowers scattered on the doorstep,

Petals are wet like pain!


I picked up a flower petal,

Give it to me to keep, remember our love…

Today in the evening light,

The red rice flowers are as bright as the flowers of the year!


But I don’t understand why,

Ancient flowers I pressed dry into green paper.

But how dare she give up,

Leaving the boat to end love with me!


Those who have long been absent,

Rice flowers still bloom in Thang Long sky.

Looking at flowers, my heart will always remember,

Old people, I was not in love!


Rice flowers fall on the field,

The color of blood flowers pours out his regret,

Rice flowers bloom and then fade away,

March rice flowers rushing sadness!

(Poetry by Tran Thanh Viet – Group: Poems and Love Songs that transcend time)
With the poems about rice flowers above, hope you have had moments of relaxation, fun and happiness. There are also many poems synthesize and share by topic, you can read more.

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