SEC tiếp tục trì hoãn quỹ Bitcoin ETF của VanEck

The SEC continues to delay the creation of a Bitcoin ETF

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SEC Continues Delaying VanEck's Bitcoin ETF

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided to postpone VanEck’s proposal to establish a Bitcoin the latest announcement on SEC.GOV.

The establishment of VanEch’s Bitcoin ETF was recently delayed by the SEC (again).

Previously, in April, the SEC asked for a 45-day extension to make an approval decision, but recently the SEC continued to announce a delay until July.

Before VanEck, many organizations filed to establish a Bitcoin ETF to the SEC, but most of them were delayed by this agency; Some offers were rejected.

Typically, the Bitcoin ETF approval review process takes place within 45 days. However, to date, the SEC has taken up to 240 days to review Bitcoin ETFs and most Bitcoin ETFs have been rejected by the SEC.

Cryptocurrency investors are frustrated with the SEC delaying Bitcoin ETFs time and time again. Hopes of a fully regulated Bitcoin ETF in the US are growing slimmer.

SEC Continues Delaying VanEck's Bitcoin ETF

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