The signs identify the hard disk is Bad

Bad Sector (also known as Bad) is an error that occurs with the hard drive, causing the hard drive to fail and sometimes cause computer errors during use. So what are the signs of a fragmented hard drive?

The condition of a fragmented hard drive causes errors on the system, even causing the computer to fail. Therefore, users need to regularly check and repair bad drive partitions. But if the HDD is bad, what are the signs to easily identify it? Follow the article below of to know these signs of recognition.

Signs identify the hard drive is Bad

Here I will list the main ways to identify the bad hard drive for your reference.

first. Unable to access a specific partition or directory of the computer

2. Cannot proceed with Ghost computer.

3. Can’t format the hard drive. During the process of formatting your hard drive, an error message will appear Bad Track 0- Disk Unsable. This is the most common error when performing Bad hard drive Format.

4. When the application is running, the following message appears: Error reading data on driver C :, Retry, Abort, Ignore, Fail .. This is a computer notification that the data in a certain area of ​​the hard drive has failed, is no longer readable.

5. Run programs that detect bad hard drives like: HD Tune, Windows Surface Scanner then the software indicates that the hard drive is bad.

The sign is well known

As shown in the picture, the red magnets are the bad areas on the drive.
Hopefully, with the sharing of, you know how to recognize your hard drive is Bad. In addition, you can use defragment software to check and fix bad hard drive errors.


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