The strongest acid in the world: 10 million billion times more concentrated than 100% concentrated sulfuric acid

Acids are chemical compounds that are soluble in water and have a pH less than 7, have a sour taste, often expressed as the general formula HxAy. The lower the pH number, the stronger the acidity, each decrease in pH means that the acidity will increase 10 times!

Because the pH scale is limited to 0, so people use the Hammett acidity function (hammett acidity function) to measure strong acids (have a pH lower than 0). So which acid is the strongest in the world?

The acid with the smallest pH known to man until now is Fluoroantimonic acid with the chemical formula H2FSbF6 with an index of negative 31.3. This substance has an extremely strong acid that no other acid can match, so it is called “super acid”.

The two-dimensional chemical structure of the strongest superacid, fluoroantimonic acid. (Photo: Laguna Design/Getty Images)

Referring to acids, many people will immediately think of the familiar strong inorganic acid H₂SO₄ – sulfuric acid. This is an acid that can corrode many metals such as iron and aluminum even when diluted and is very dangerous in concentrated form. One must carefully equip from the shirt, face shield, gloves to PVC apron before diluting this solution. The first is to slowly add the acid to the water, stir well, absolutely do not do the opposite or it will be very dangerous.

In nature, it is difficult to find any acid stronger than sulfuric acid. However, it is nothing compared to the most powerful super Fluoroantimonic acid in the world.

Fluoroantimonic acid is synthesized by mixing hydrofluoric acid (HF) with antimony pentafluoride (SbF5) in a 1:1 ratio.

Fluoroantimonic acid is 10 to the 16th power (10 million billion) times stronger than 100% concentrated sulfuric acid! This super strong acid cannot be stored in a jar like other acids because it can destroy almost all organic compounds and even containers.

Therefore, to contain this super acid, one must use a synthetic polymer Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE also known as Teflon for short.

A synthetic polymer Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE is used to store this super acid.  Photo: Photo Credit: Game Freak / Youtube
A synthetic polymer Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE is used to store this super acid. Photo: Photo Credit: Game Freak / Youtube

This type of acid decomposes quickly and explodes on contact with water, so it cannot be used in aqueous solvents. Therefore, this super acid can only be used in hydrofluoric acid environments.

As the temperature increases, Fluoroantimonic acid decomposes and produces the highly toxic gas hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid).


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