The Unparalleled Greatest Code of Mobile and how to enter the code

What is the game that’s great?

From the manufacturer of Thien Long Bat Bo, The Greatest Wu Song Mobile gives players an attractive swordplay game with graphics with eye-catching colors along with diverse sects such as Thien Nhan, Con Lon. , Nhat Nguyet, Duong Gia, Duong Mon, Thien Vuong.

The activities in the game are very rich such as PK, plowing missions, Cong Thanh Chien… Help gamers comfortably plow hoes, farm monsters, strengthen equipment, trade…

And the game also has many gifts for players through events and giftcode from the game publisher. You can receive giftcode and participate in events on the game’s Fanpage to get more gifts. And below are the unparalleled giftcodes that you can enter in the game.

Latest Unparalleled Great Code

Code Duration
najhxd4d There is still time
nbz5q7mg There is still time
ncq2sthf There is still time

How to enter giftcode Greatest Unparalleled Mobile

Step 1: First, visit the link to enter the code below, log in to your playing account. Select the server, the character you want to receive the gift from the giftcode.

Link to enter code Absolute Greatest

Step 2: Next, if there is a package introduction or message, click Understood. Done select the Giftcode section to enter the code input feature.

The code is so cool

Step 3: Enter one of the above giftcodes in the code input box and select Use. If the code is still valid, you will receive a message Using the giftcode successfully.

The code is so cool

In the game, you just need to check the Bag section to see the items received from the giftcode.

The code is so cool

The gifts received from the giftcode will always appear in the Bag instead of appearing in the Mailbox like many other mobile games.

The code is so cool

As mentioned above, you also have the opportunity to receive giftcodes from other events that the publisher organizes from Fanpage. Below is the link of the game’s fanpage, you can join by following the link below.

Link of Fan page Greatest Unsung Mobile


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