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Do you want to know if your Website is fast or slow with visitors, please refer to the top of website speed testing websites to get the most objective results about your Website as well as the necessary conditions to improve website speed.

If you want Website speed test then the website speed test The following websites will be the best services, convergence so that you can diagnose your website, or the project you are in charge of fast or slow, what problem it is having. slow or need to do anything to optimize it even faster.

In this article we will show you the 7 best website speed testing websites available today. Each site has its own evaluation method, and you can combine multiple websites to give the most accurate results. In addition, you should also check Website speed many times to get more objective results during the test process.

Website speed test Website

1. Check Website speed with Pagespeed Insights

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Pagespeed Insights is a Google tool that allows us to test Website speed most effectively, this tool has a server in Singapore so you can completely test your website speed in the best condition possible. In addition Pagespeed Insights also provides reviews to optimize your website on both phone and desktop platforms to help your website be optimized.

To use Pagespeed Insights you just need to visit COME IN.

2. Check Website speed with Dotcom Tools

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Dotcom Tools Website Speed ​​Test is the most comprehensive website speed test that allows you to test Website speed on different browsers and devices. From there, give the most accurate evaluation to the web creator to know the quality of his website. Just like the other tools when Dotcom Tools gives tips to optimize the best website.

AccessHEREto use Dotcom Tools to check Website speed.

3. Check Website speed with Webpagetest

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Webpagetest is a non-government website that was created for the purpose of checking website speed completely for free. Webpagetest supports a lot of devices, operating systems, phones as well as browsers so that users can use and check the website speed most accurately. If you are wondering about which website speed test website to use, Webpagetest is the choice that you should try first.

To use Webpagetest to check Website speed, please follow the link HERE and follow the website’s instructions.

4. Check Website speed with Loadimpact

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Loadimpact is not a website that tests website speed so outstanding or has many useful features but Loadimpact is chosen by many people because of its speed. Website speed test results on Loadimpact are quite accurate, detailed and time to test Website speed is faster than other services. In addition, the parameters that Loadimpact displays are quite understandable, helping testers easily identify the necessary information to optimize for their website.

To use Loadimpact readers please visit HEREand follow the instructions.

5. Check Website speed with Google Mobile Testing Tool

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Google Mobile Testing Tool is also a tool to help you test Website speed but more specifically, Google Mobile Testing Tool for mobile, compatibility of websites on mobile platforms. You can check your website loading speed on your phone fast or slow with this tool. If your website does not meet the standards of the Google Mobile Testing Tool, this tool also provides suggestions to optimize your website on mobile platforms. This is a rare website speed test site specifically for mobile platforms.

Access the link HEREto use the Google Mobile Testing Tool.

6. Check Website speed with Pingdom

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Pingdom is one of the leading tools to test Website speed, it will test the speed directly from the server in the US and tell you the exact result of your website parameters as well as the necessary information about Website speed. One point that this tool has not been used by many people is probably because it only has servers in the US and Australia, with websites from Asia probably will take more time.

To use Pingdom you read the link access HERE.

7. Check Website speed with Gtmetrix

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Gtmetrix is a service that allows testing the speed of Website with foreign server, specifically here is Canada. Not only test Website speed but Gtmetrix also points out rawngfn points that make your website slower and thereby fix the above problems. To use Gtmetrix you access the link HERE.

Above is a list of website speed test websites that recommends to use to test Website speed. Not just one website, you should combine many websites to check Website speed, then compare and produce the most accurate results as well as know what to do to optimize your website to surf the web quickly. which browser.


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