The WORKDAY function in Excel

The following sharing article introduces you to the WORKDAY function in Excel with the function of calculating the working time, this is one of the functions in the group of date and time functions used by many people when working. with MS Excel.

Jaw WORKDAY Excel is a calculation function that returns a working day before or after the start date, and this day is calculated on the number of working days (aka working days), excluding weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays. This function is very useful for you to estimate (working time) for a project in a reasonable way.

The WORKDAY function in Excel, calculates the working time

How to use the WORKDAY function in Excel

1. Description and syntax used

This is the function that returns a date before or after the start date of a specified number of working days. Weekends and public holidays do not count toward business days.


WORKDAY (start_date, days, [holidays])


Start_date: Is the start date, is a required parameter.

Days: A day not on a weekend and a holiday before or after Start_date, is the required parameter.

+ Days> 0 -> number of days created in the future.

+ Days -> number of days created in the past.

Holidays: Date to be excluded from the business day, which is not on a public holiday.


– Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers to facilitate the calculation process.

– Any one of the arguments is invalid -> the function returns the error value #VALUE!

– If the value Start_date + days If an invalid date is generated ->, the function returns an error value #NUM!

– If the value Days is the decimal number it is truncated to.

2. Examples of specific situations

Suppose you need to calculate the days after the working day a specified number of jobs as shown below:

ham workday in excel 2

Step 1: In the cell to calculate, enter the formula: = WORKDAY (B3, C3, D3: D5)

ham workday in excel 3

Step 2: Press Enter -> return value is:

ham workday in excel 4

In case any argument is not a valid date then the function is calculated WORKDAY will produce an error #VALUE! as shown below:

ham workday in excel 5

So has just guided you with some specific examples when using The WORKDAY function in Excel. This is a calculation function that helps you produce a number of specified working days.

Wish you soon remember the syntax and formulas when working to this function in Excel.
If you are struggling with rounding up calculated data in Excel then ROUND functionwill help you solve those difficulties. The Round function supports rounding up all the decimal numbers included in your data table.


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