The WORKDAY.INTL function in Excel

The WORKDAY.INTL function in Excel

The following article introduces you to the WORKDAY.INTL function in Excel has the function of calculating the number of working days, this is one of the functions in the group of date and time functions that many people use when doing. work with MS Excel.

WORKDAY.INTL is a calculation function in Excel that produces a serial number of days before or after a specified number of working days. The weekend parameter indicates which days and how many days are weekends. Weekends and any days that have been designated as holidays will not be considered as working days.

The WORKDAY.INTL function in Excel

How to use the WORKDAY.INTL function in Excel

1. Description and syntax used

This is the function that returns a date before or after the start date of a specified number of working days with custom weekends. The weekend parameter indicates which day and how many days.


WORKDAY (start_date, days, [weekend],[holidays])


Start_date: Is the start date, is the required parameter.

Days: A day not on a weekend and a holiday before or after Start_date, is the required parameter.

+ Days> 0: number of future created days; Days

Weekend: Indicates which days are weekends are not included in the working day, are optional parameters with the following values:

+ Weekend = 1 -> The weekend is Saturday and Sunday.

+ Weekend = 2 -> The weekend is Sunday, Monday.

+ Weekend = 3 -> Weekends are Monday and Tuesday.

+ Weekend = 4 -> Weekends are Tuesday and Wednesday.

+ Weekend = 5 -> Weekends are Wednesdays and Thursdays.

+ Weekend = 6 -> Weekends are Thursday and Friday.

+ Weekend = 7 -> Weekends are Friday and Saturday.

+ Weekend = 11 -> Weekends are only Sunday.

+ Weekend = 12 -> Weekends are only Monday.

+ Weekend = 13 -> Weekends are only Tuesday.

+ Weekend = 14 -> Weekends are only Wednesday.

+ Weekend = 15 -> Weekends are only Thursday.

+ Weekend = 16 -> Weekends are only Friday.

+ Weekend = 17 -> Weekends are only Saturday.

Holidays: Date to be excluded from the business day, which is not on a public holiday.


– Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers to facilitate the calculation process.

– Any one of the arguments is invalid -> the function returns the error value #VALUE!

– If the value Start_date + days create an invalid date -> function returns error value #NUM!

– If days is a decimal, it is truncated to an integer.

2. Examples of specific situations

Let’s say you need to find the serial number of the day before or after a specified number of working days with specific information like the spreadsheet image below:

int workday int excel 2

Step 1: In the cell to be calculated, enter the syntax of the function to calculate in the cell G3 = WORKDAY.INTL (C3, D3, E3, F3)

ham workday intl in excel 3

Step 2: You press Enter To display the function result:

int workday intl in excel 4

Step 3: Copy the calculation function down to the cells below to get the corresponding result:

ham workday intl in excel 5

In the event that a weekend string has an invalid length or contains invalid characters, the function is calculated WORKDAY.INTL will produce an error #VALUE!

int workday intl in excel 6

The above is a detailed tutorial on how to use it The WORKDAY.INTL function in Excel. With function WORKDAY.INTL is an improvement of the function WORKDAY with custom holiday parameters, not necessarily Saturday or Sunday. I wish you success working with this working day calculation function!
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