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Should delete Winsxs is something that many users wonder when their computer system’s disk capacity is increasing even though they have found ways to reduce its load such as restricting data storage on C drive and regularly clean the system junk, the article below Taimienphi will help you find the answer should delete Winsxs or not.

For computers that are using the Windows operating system, in the process of use, it is likely to often notice that the capacity of the Windows installation drive is constantly increasing. The main reason is directory WinSxS located in the operating system’s system directory that stores Windows installation files as well as backup or update files. However, these files occupy a lot of space on the system drive, so there are many users wondering whether to delete Winsxs to free up their computer space. The answer will be shortly.

What is WinSxS?

The WinSxS folder is a directory that contains the system archive files in case of risk of use, the system will automatically back up the previous stable version. This data is compared to a Windows power supply, thanks to which the user when repairing Windows does not appear Insert Microsft® Windows® CD / DVD disk. Although each file in the sub-directory of the WinSxS folder is only over 100 KB in size, but due to the large number of files, the directory size reaches a huge number in GB. During the process of using files continuously generated over time, the amount of free C drive decreases.

Should I delete WinSxS?

As recommended by Microsoft, the user should not be deleted as well as affecting the files located in the Windows folder on drive C, move it to a new location to reduce the load on the main drive if you need more space and return it to its original location. when needed However, If you want to delete WinSxS you can still delete it. In addition, readers need to know that on new versions of operating systems such as Windows10, 8.1, 8, Microsoft has done more thoroughly when unrelated files in the long-term WinSxS folder will be automatically filtered. remove if the system wants to reclaim disk space immediately to install the application.

How to reduce WinSxS folder size?

Users can manually reduce the size of the WinSxS folder by using the Disk Clean tool supported by Windows through the following steps:

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R To open the Run dialog box and type the command cleanmgr then press Enter or OK, got it.

Yes winsx winsxs 2

Step 2: Disk Cleanup interface opens, click on the system drive partition and click OK, got it

Yes winsx winsxs 3

Step 3: Wait a moment for the system to scan unused files.

Yes winsx winsxs 4

Step 4: Next, in the Disk Cleanup tool window of the system drive, click the button Clean up system files.

Yes winsx winsxs 5

Step 5: The Disk Cleanup tool will now rescan the system and display information about WinSxS called Windows Update Cleanup. Now you please put a checkmark in Windows Update Cleanup and press OK, got it

Yes winsx winsxs 6

Step 6: A small dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion of the file. Press Delete Files to agree.

Yes winsx winsxs 7

Immediately the system will proceed with the reduction process for WinSxS by wiping out the data inside. You should note that when doing this, you can not proceed to remove any previous updates anymore.

Yes winsx wins 8s
After successful implementation, you may notice that the system drive will be freed up quite a bit of space, it all depends on the space that WinSxS folder occupies. This method of cleaning is similar to the deletion of the Windows.old folder that we previously shared, readers have followed the instruction delete Windows.old for reference if you don’t know


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