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These software erase data thoroughly on Windows


In addition to deleting in Recycle Bin, using the data deletion software on Windows will help users to remove sensitive files, do not want others to recover on the hard drive, if they do not know should install the data deletion software for your computer, please immediately refer to some of the name options below.

On Windows, the Delete function helps users delete all unnecessary files. However, only when we specify it will the operation be performed. So the files we didn’t mention will still hide somewhere on the system without you even knowing it.


Top 5 software to erase data on Windows effectively

To do this task automatically and thoroughly, you can use one of the software that we recommend below.

1. Eraser
2. Freeraser
3. Secure Erase
4. CCleaner
5. Advanced System Optimizer

Top 5 thorough data removal software on Windows

1. Eraser


This is simple layout software. Its main task is to provide users with basic options such as deletion, deletion time, counting the number of times the location of the file to be overwritten, etc. Besides, Eraser also provides both software versions. is install and portable.
– Download and install Eraser

2. Freeraser


Freeraser is also a free tool. It helps users perform data manipulations with just a drag and drop. In addition it also provides options Fast for new files to quickly fill up old files, and optionally Forced to force deletion. The software is integrated directly into the right-click menu, so the operation is also quite convenient.
– Download and install Freeraser

3. Secure Eraser

Not only does it allow complete erasing of data on a computer’s hard drive, with the technology developed by Secure Eraser developers, these documents will be broken down several times and erased, preventing recovery. dress with any tool. In addition, the software also adds many convenient features such as optimization, copyright protection of Windows, eliminates duplicate data on the computer, … to help increase the memory capacity for the computer to operate effectively. more fruit.
– Download and install Secure Eraser

4. CCleaner


This is the software most users use because of its great functionality. Besides the intuitive interface, CCleaner’s bundled functions are also very diverse and useful. Such as the function Clean allows you to delete all browser junk, cache, history, or cookies. Also functional Registry It also allows you to delete and fix corrupted registry entries to help your system run more smoothly.
– Download and install Ccleaner

5. Advanced System Optimizer


Similar to CCleaner, Advanced System Optimizer is also a system optimization tool, effectively fixing system errors on Windows computers. The software also develops a unique feature, allowing users to completely erase data in the hard drive thoroughly and safely. You can rest assured that sensitive data will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored if your computer is accidentally lost or hacked.
– Download and install Advanced System Optimizer
Above are 4 thorough data deletion softwares on Windows recommend using. The most useful one is CCleaner software because of its many features and lightness during use. If not clear, please refer to the article use CCleaner clean junk on the computer.



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