Things to know about Apex Legends Season 3

There is a lot of speculation about what will appear in the fans’ Apex Legends Season 3, everything can change, but it is certain that Crypto, the new character and his legendary equipment will be present. here.

After the end of the second season, it was time Apex Legends Season 3 was born, along with the arrival of Crypto, a new story with many changes to the map mechanism, PvE mode will be adjusted, Respawn announced today.

Some information about Apex Legends Season 3, gamers should know

Meltdown confirmed its launch on October 1

Apex Legends Season 3 will be called Meltdown and will officially begin on October 1, 2019 with new content, events, and edits. A lot of the details were changed in the Season 3 update, the changes were mainly aimed at the scoring system and reset the ranking mode, all players were one and a half steps down. That means if you are in the position of Platinum IV rank in Series I, you will be converted to Silver II on October 1.

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Ranked matches will require players to use RP to play. Bronze matches will remain free while other ranked matches will cost money based on the rank you own.

New character Crypto Apex Legends appeared in Season 3

An official announcement from developer Apex Legends, the character Crypto will be the next new legend to attack King’s Canyon. Some rumors claim he didn’t show up but the developers showed fans his skills early this month. Show off Crpyto’s ability revolving around surveillance using drones. Assuming everything we see is correct, his tactical skills will allow us to explore in a number of places through the plane, including hacking doors and accessing boxes.

what you need to know about apex legends season 3 3

Battle Pass Season 3

A recent series of messages revealed from That1MiningGuy has brought new information about Battle Pass Season 3, although they have not been fully confirmed yet. The information that there will be an optional package to help players rise to level 25 of the Battle Pass, the system of 3 new exclusive character skins, new legendary weapon skins for Spitfire. Rumors are also circulating on Reddit about the new skin for Lifeline, Bloodhound, Watson and Mirage.

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Respawn promises many other interesting things will be announced when the official launch of Apex Legends Season 3, Taimienphi still does not know exactly the other surprises that Meltdown will provide in the store. But with the Crypto character he has been confirmed and the launch time, it seems Apex Legends Season 3 will have many new content to satisfy fans immersed in October 1.
Currently gamers can Get Mirage Apex Legends skins for free On the Twitch Prime page, the exclusive rewards of the publisher when partnering with Twitch Prime bring you many new legendary costumes and weapons. Hurry and pick up right before the event ends.


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