This is the most used emoji in 2021

According to the Unicode Consortium, Tears of Joy (laughing tears) is the most used emoji worldwide in 2021. This emoji is also not at the top of the chart according to previously published data by Apple.

Unicode Consortium also divides the most used emoticons by categories such as emoticons of people, clothes, animals… For details, you can visit Unicode to follow the list. most complete.

Top 10 most used face emojis in netizens' conversations in the past year.
Top 10 most used face emojis in netizens’ conversations in the past year.
  • Most used flower emoji: 🌹 🥀 🌺
  • The most used animal emoji is the butterfly
  • The most used jewelry and clothing emoji is crown

Over the years, the most popular emojis used by users have not changed much. According to the Unicode Consortium’s 2019 statistics, the two symbols “laughing tears” and “heart” are also used by the most users.

In particular, the “smiley tears” icon accounted for more than 5% of the total emoji used, more than the heart-shaped emoji. Other top emojis that are most commonly used include: Rolling laughter, crying tears, wind kisses, heart-shaped eyes, clasped hands…

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