Three Kingdoms Code H5

Belonging to the multi-platform role-playing game genre, Three Kingdoms H5 has hit the general psyche of many gamers, users do not need to download the installation, but can play directly on a computer web browser or Mobile, extremely convenient.

At 10 o’clock on February 19, 2020, NPH GTV has officially launched the product market role-playing game Multi-platform MMORPG, and GTV has sent to readers and gamers many valuable Three Kingdoms Code Code H5 series, helping to experience the product better.

Three Kingdoms United H5 – Game MMORPG on Android, iOS and PC

How to get Code Three Kingdoms United States H5 code

Event 1: Loan has launched
– Reward: Code of the Three Kingdoms United H5 200K VND
– Link to join: Events 1

Event 2: Open new server
– Reward: Code of the Three Kingdoms Legend H5
+ Treasure Chest of General Baox20
+ Skill Chest (Purple) x1
– Link to join: Events 2

Event 3: Vote App 5 *
– Reward: Code of the Three Kingdoms United H5 1000 KNB
+ Tien Tien Dan chestx30
+ Martial Arts Chest 30
– Link to join: Events 3

Event 4: Lucky rotation, taking iPhone 11
– Reward: Code of the Three Kingdoms Legend H5 and many other gifts
+ Lucky money from 500k to 1000k
+ Code VIP 1 to Code VIP 7
+ Special prize: Iphone 11 Pro Max
– Link to join: Events 4

the third national code h5 2

Do not forget to join the forum or the official community of the game.
– Join Fanpage to receive Code Three Kingdoms Code H5 here.
– Join Group to receive Code Three Kingdoms Code H5 here.

How to use Code Three Kingdoms United H5

Step 1: At the main interface in the game Three Kingdoms United H5, you click the icon Welfare (grasp the left corner of the screen).

code for national triangle ky h5 4

Step 2: In the table Welfare => click to select Present.

code for national triangle ky h5 5

Step 3: Import Three Kingdoms Code H5 in the box below => Click Take, the reward immediately flies straight into the character’s inventory.

the third national code, h5 6

Thus, Taimienphi has just taught you how to receive and enter the Three Kingdoms Code H5, receive items, high-class equipment is essential if you want to be stronger than other players. Also you can receive Code Long Era The latest here. Any questions please leave in the comment section below, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Link download game Three Kingdoms Code Code H5 game

Three Kingdoms United H5 game is a card game to see and see many tactical elements intensive on PC, Android and iOS. Players of the Three Kingdoms United H5 also participate and many powerful PK activities, many other interesting fighting activities.

– Link to download Android version: Three Kingdoms United H5 for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Romance of the Three Kingdoms H5 for iPhone
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