Tips against peeking at the computer screen

Suppose at work, the office that you do not want to see your colleague will “glancing” at the screen to see what you are doing, in the article below will share with you some tips to peek your computer screen.

It’s fine to have a personal computer at home, but suppose that at work or their school you don’t want to face scrutiny, peeking at your computer screen and denouncing your boss of your job. Facebook, chat with friends or browse the web during business hours, …. The following article will introduce you some tips and tips to prevent peeking on your computer screen.

Tips against peeking at the computer screen

Here are a few ways, tips against peeping computer screens that would recommend for you:

Method 1: Return to the desktop

To prevent other users from peeking at the screen, monitoring the windows you are opening, the website you are visiting, etc., the easiest way is to return to the desktop. On a Windows computer, you use the keyboard shortcut Windows + D, and on Mac OS X just press F11 key.

Method 2: Convert quickly to another program

If you are chatting or surfing the internet, but you do not want others to see and detect, make sure you have opened at least a few business-related programs and applications. .

This way when other people peek or “look” at your computer, you can quickly switch to open programs, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. To quickly switch between open application windows on the computer, we use keyboard shortcuts Alt + Tab. On Mac, use keyboard shortcuts Command + Tab.

Method 3: Keep browsing activities private

Security options are available as an extension available for Chrome called Decodelia. This extension “covers” the browser with wavy lines, we will have to decode these wavy lines with custom glasses. Basically, no one can see what you are doing, browsing the web or chatting with friends unless they are also wearing glasses.

cat look at computer screen 2

Decodelia works simply by applying a geometric pattern on Chrome browser, similar to the add-on samples that banks use on their envelopes so as not to reveal the inside information. It then uses the special properties of the LED screen on a laptop to make the content readable using a pair of red glasses.

However, Decodelia also has some limitations, such as only works on Chrome browser. Moreover, this is not a popular extension on Chrome. Also when using the extension, users will have to use red glass, which is a bit inconvenient especially in public places, offices.

Method 4: Use screen protector

Display accessories designed to ensure privacy are also available for laptops and PC computers. Most of them are stand-alone accessories that you can stick on your screen.

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3M screen protector has the benefit of reducing screen glare, making it easier to see the screen, especially in dimly lit rooms. At the same time, it narrows the screen viewing angle to 45 degrees, which helps prevent other users from being able to “glance at” and view private content on your screen.

In addition, you can change the familiar computer wallpaper with a collection of wallpapers available, refer to how change desktop wallpaper on a number of different operating systems.

In case you do not want others to violate your privacy, you can Lock the computer screen by using the key combination or creating a shortcut to computer screen lock right away.


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