Tips for playing Core Circle mode in PUBG Mobile

Once again PUBG Mobile is back with another collaboration with the popular Japanese manga Evangelion. This PUBG Mobile x Evangelion brings a new themed game mode named Core Circle. Here are some tips for playing Core Circle mode in PUBG Mobile.

Before, PUBG Mobile has collaborated with films such as Godzilla vs Kong, League of Legends: Arcane and Spiderman No Way Home. PUBG Mobile x Evangelion collaboration launched Core Circle mode (Circle Core), this new mode is quite unusual and complex.

PUBG Mobile x Evangelion brings new Core Circle game mode

PUBG Mobile x Evangelion: How to play Core Circle mode

This new Core Circle mode in PUBG Mobile is different from previous modes. Each match in this mode contains only 64 players. The most interesting part of this mode is the size of the playing area very small even at the start of the match, a war map with many new buildings.
– There are 2 types of buildings available on the map, defensive fortress and EVA launcher.
– A mechanized creature named Sixth Angel, roam around Erangel. Its main goal is destroy defensive fortresses. This creature will eventually destroy all three defensive fortresses.

how to play do core circle in pubg mobile

– Players can get a large amount of loot from those ruins. After this destruction, another giant robot appeared from the underground EVA launcher named EVA-01. This robot searches Sixth Angel all over the map. After finding out Sixth Angelit picks up a giant laser rifle that closely resembles the legendary AWM sniper rifle.

how to play core circle mode in pubg mobile

– After picking up the weapon, EVA-01 fight with Sixth Angel like an alien crystal and defeat it with a laser beam. Players can get lots of booty from the ruins of defensive fortress and EVA launcher. One must stay away from light of the Sixth Angel as it can deal damage to the player being attacked.

meo play core circle mode in pubg mobile

The Emergency Kit is one of the new features that have just been added in PUBG Mobile, players can move to a safe area or designated location immediately after use, up to 4 people.

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Core Circle mode rewards in PUBG Mobile
– In this mode, the player will have to witness the fight between EVA-01 and Sixth Angel. They will also have to go to EVA launchers and defensive fortresses a total of three times, open some crates in the building ruins, completing these steps the player can get 20 achievement points, coupon codes Barrel prices and epic trophies.
Are you excited for the new Core Circle mode, part of the PUBG Mobile x Evangelion collaboration? Let Taimienphi and everyone know in the comments section below. Wish you happy gaming.

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