Tips for selling directly on Facebook

Tips for selling directly on Facebook

By combining media with direct selling, sellers can increase sales and help identify brands more quickly. The following article will introduce to you 5 tips direct sales on Facebook effectively. You can even use these tips in regular sales or employee training.

Currently online business is no stranger to people. According to the assessment of management tools Facebook Fanpage help you sell online on Facebook more effectively.

Tips for selling directly on Facebook

Table of Contents:
1. Facebook is not like highways.
2. Customer attachment is the most important thing.
3. Content can decide everything.
4. Strengthening customer relationships.
5. Use illustrations.

1. Facebook is not like the highway

Suppose you are a big brand in the soap manufacturing industry and you decide to buy a billboard on the highway. Side supply company billboard will not be able to tell you information about the number of how many people have seen this beach, one is impressed with such ads do not … Worse, they even don’t even care about this information. And, even if no one is interested in your ad, it will still exist here, won’t be replaced.

Facebook is completely different. It will show the number of people who are interested in your article. It also measures people’s interest and see if they want more of the same posts. Facebook can also tell you the number of people who have access to articles and posts, or whether the ad is redirected to the main website or not. And, if your article does not attract many customers, it will be replaced by another article.

2. The customer engagement is the most important thing

And now, once you know that Facebook is interested and can know how many people have reached your post, it’s important to know how to stay on the message board longer. On social media, customer engagement (likes, comments, sharing) is the most important. Their primary interest to the content you provide may decide to diffuse algorithm of your articles to friends and lovers.

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To enhance customer engagement, you need to share engaging and useful content. You can also use phrases such as “please comment below, just like if you like this product, share with your friends if you find useful products nhé !, …” to encourage engagement cooperation.

3. Content can decide all

Focus on the benefits of the product, not too detailed description of the product. Don’t focus too much on what your product is made of, what it’s made of, or anything like that. Emphasize that the product will bring great benefits and how it will improve the lives of customers is.

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Also, think about the category of posts related to your product. If you are a company that provides food or kitchen equipment, suggested recipes or tips on health is fairly common. If you sell cosmetics, provide tips, makeup skills, facials, …..

Take care of the body rather than the product. You will sell when people see you as a trusted expert in that field.

4. Strengthening customer relationships

Studies have shown that customers interact more with the feedback from other customers, rather than traditional advertisement. It is also more likely that a customer will become a brand ambassador or a loyal customer if they perceive the value of your products and services.

Spend time, effort and customer support and form practical relationships. Do messaging to a total stranger and ask them to buy you. Instead, keep in touch with the people who bought them, and build with them with them.

Build customer relationships is a long job. You should not expect to be able to sell the goods the first time you two talk. Several studies have shown that people often have to watch a product over and over 20 times before deciding to pay.

Continue to serve customers after the transaction was successful and make them feel satisfied when using your services. Everyone wants to deal with people they can be friends with, so take the time to deepen these relationships. When a customer is satisfied, they will continue to use your product and introduce you to new customers.

5. Use illustrations

Always use images to further illustrate your writing. These posts have too many words and no pictures often do not get the attention from the readers.

Think about how you interact with other people’s posts on the comment board. Do you often surf the phone constantly and just stop at something eye-catching? That is why you should create individual profile page as well as illustrating the most attractive way.
Use bright colors in your photos, and be careful not to use blue, as it can get mixed in with Facebook’s colors. In addition, you refer more How key applications on Facebook Fast and efficient here.


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