Tips for using Google Docs more effectively

Knowing the tips to use Google Docs will help you manipulate quickly. The following article would like to share with you some tips for using Google Docs such as using shortcuts, drag-and-drop functionality, creating shortcuts, restoring old versions of documents and quickly translating for sure. Will definitely help you work with Google Docs more effectively

If you are familiar with using Microsoft Office to edit documents, now you will probably feel more excited when Google has officially let users use Google Docs – an online editor with lots of features even. You don’t have to spend a lot of time getting used to it. Here are some tips small help you easy own Google Docs.

1. Tap the shortcut in Google Docs

Google Docs gives users lots of shortcuts to do text manipulations. Specifically, these Google Docs shortcuts are browser independent. So users can manipulate easily without affecting the browser you are using. Here are a few commonly used keyboard shortcuts you need to know:

– Ctrl + Alt + C: Copy selected text (similar to Ctrl + C in Microsoft Word).

– Ctrl + Alt + V: Paste the text you have copied (similar to Ctrl + V in Microsoft Word).

– Ctrl +: Delete all the formatting of the currently selected text (remove bold, underlined, italic, color …).

– Tab and Shift + Tab: Tab key helps push the selected text about 0.5 inch away from the margin, while Shift + Tab key is the opposite.

– Ctrl + Shift + C: Count the number of words of the text you are selecting.

Not only that, Google Docs also provides many other useful shortcuts, you can refer to the article synthetic Google Docs shortcut for more information

2. Drag and drop feature to upload text files to Google Docs

Drag & Drop feature in Google Docs makes manipulating Up files to google Doc easier than ever. Users who want to add new files like * .doc, * .docx, * .xls … to their Google Docs account, simply drag and drop from the Windows Explorer window into the browser, instantly, text will be uploaded and you can perform editing operations on Google Docs, how to upload files to Google Doc can be considered as a tip to upload files faster.

3. Shortcut creates new text on the desktop

Previously, to create a new document in Google Docs, users often had to go through many steps, such as opening a new tab in the browser, accessing the Google Docs service home page, and then clicking CREATE. . You can now shorten these actions by including in your browser bookmarks.

Or you can create Google Docs shortcut right on the desktop to activate whenever, creating a Google Docs shortcut is very simple. First, right click on the screen, select new, Shortcut.

Google Docs using docs understand more than 2

Then enter the address into the window that appears. Next, name any shortcut you are about to create, such as “Create Google Docs”. Finally, press finish.

Google Docs use docs more than 3

Now you notice on your Desktop has a new shortcut, bearing the icon of the default web browser. From now on, you just need to activate this shortcut to create a new document on Google Docs, however, the browser must be logged into your Google account, otherwise you need to login before using.

4. Restore old data on Google Docs

Google Docs allows users to recover documents to an older state easily through the file’s history storage system.

How to perform data recovery on Google is also very simple. Just press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + G to open the list of recoverable states of the previous file.

Google Docs using docs understand more than 4

Google Docs belongs to Google Drive, the recovery of data on Google Drive is deleted by many users because during use, many important files are accidentally deleted, tips Recover data on Google Drive is also very simple, if interested, you can go to for reference.

5. Users can use Google Docs to translate documents extremely conveniently.

With this translation feature, users can translate text back and forth between multiple languages ​​right on their text editing interface. All you need to do is go to Tools, select Translate Docs, specify the target language to translate and name the new file. Immediately, the screen will display the new text as the content after translation into another language of the original text.

The meow using google docs understood more than 5

The above are some tips to make your use of Google Docs more effective. In addition, this online utility also gives you a lot of other useful features. Posts 8 features on Google Docs will help you discover more interesting hidden features on this word processing tool. Refer to easy to master Google Docs offline.
The Google Drive app is available on Android and iPhone devices, to use Google Drive on your phone fluently, you should check out the tutorial on how to use Google Drive on phones that Taimienphi has shared to for more information.


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