Tips for washing an oil-free fryer without scrubbing and still clean

Washing the air fryer after use is one of the problems that causes many women headaches. Whether you use an iron brush or soak the pot for an hour, it can cause the non-stick coating of the fryer to be scratched (due to being scrubbed too hard), or waste time. The following article will show you tips to help clean the air fryer quickly, gently and cleanly, please refer.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when cleaning an air fryer is to wait for it to cool completely before washing it. Because the temperature of the fryer after use is usually ~180 – 200 degrees, even if you wash it with 100 degrees Celsius hot water, there is still a big difference.

How to wash the fryer without oil?

  • When the pot has cooled, put a layer of dishwashing liquid in the inner pot. Then, fill the pot about 1/3 full with water, do not add too much.
  • Preheat the air fryer to 370 degrees F (about 187 degrees C) for about 5 minutes.
  • At that time, the food plaque, stubborn grease in the inside of the oil-free fryer will come off.

  • After pouring the boiled water away, you just need to wash the fryer gently with water and the pot will be clean without fear of scratching the non-stick coating.

The oil-free fryer with its convenience and benefits has become a familiar appliance in Vietnamese families. You can use the air fryer to cook many different delicious dishes such as buttered corn, chrysanthemum bread, flan,… Also you can refer to the article “Fryer without air fryer”. oil – Synthesize 50+ delicious recipes that are easy to follow”.


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