Tips to increase your chances of getting SS Lien Quan Mobile skin for free

Tips to increase your chances of getting SS Lien Quan Mobile skin for free

On the occasion of the 3rd birthday, Lien Quan Mobile has brought to the community extremely many events as well as special gifts. Among the gifts that Lien Quan Mobile brings to the player, the most valuable is “Special costume chest” that can open costumes from S rank upwards. So how can you easily get SS skins in this event?

In the word period 7/12 to 20/12, the LQM player was rewarded with a gift called “Special costume chest” by NPH Garena through “Sign in to receive gifts” (Gift given on the 10th login day) Lien Lien’s birthday is 3 years old. Players can claim this reward on day 10, and the reward will be an S rank or higher.

Special rewards sent to all LQM players.

Currently Lien Quan Mobile has versions for iOS, Android and APK versions for players to emulate, you can download the appropriate version here:

– Download Liên Liên Mobile for iPhone.
– Download Liên Quân Mobile for Android.
– Download Mobile Alliance version APK.

Tips to increase your chances of getting SS Union Mobile skin

With “Special costume chest“Players will receive a random skin, but this costume will not be owned yet. Therefore, players can increase the number of their S-rank outfits to increase their chances of getting the page. SS costumes You can increase your number of S rank costumes in the following ways.

1. Change 2 S-class skins in the Shop to change pieces: Taara Hoa Ngoc Nu De and Taara Chief Chief

meow has skinned ss related to free mobile 2

You go to the Shop interface, into the Shop area to change the piece – Skin Piece, gamers can buy a variety of S-level Skin such as Taara Hoa Ngoc Nu De and Taara Chief Chief, this is the skin on the list dropped from the Chest. special clothing and removing them before opening a chest is essential.

2. Hunt S series skin from spell creation

meow has a skin theme related to mobile phone 3

The hunt for Quillen Special Squirrels in drawing S-rank charms will give players the chance to receive S-rank skin Chests filled with items such as L Zanis Winter Generals, Amily Red Spider Duties, Veera Widow Alchemist, Murad The Gods, Thane Secret, Omen the executioner, Ryoma the Tribe General and Jinna Yaksha. The amount of S-level paper promotion is available when you top up the card. The rate of getting skin chests is also relatively high so if you get S-rank skin before opening the chest, it will increase the chances of getting SS skin.

meow has a skin theme related to mobile phone 4

Other events such as the Wheel of Love, the Mission Book will help you get more S-class skins and you will reduce the number of S-level skins that can be opened, thereby increasing the ability to open other SS-class skins. like the Yorn The Deathly Hallows, Valhein the Ultimate Weapon, …
Above is how you can increase the chances of getting an SS Alliance Mobile skin, currently Lien Lien Mobile is leaking information that it will have a game mode called Chess Federation. You can see information about Union Flag here.


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