Tips to keep blueberries fresh, do not lose fruit, withered leaves

Tips to keep blueberries fresh, do not lose fruit, withered leaves

Not only choosing but tips to keep blueberries fresh, not lose fruit, withered leaves that you need to pay attention on Tet. Tree stirring with yellow berries, fresh leaves both helps bring Tet atmosphere and bring luck and peace to your family.

You know, choosing is hard, taking care of blueberries in the pot for a long time, the fruit won’t fall out and the leaves won’t wilt even harder. To keep the kumquat trees in a golden state, last for a long time during the Lunar New Year, remember to follow one of these Tips to keep blueberries fresh down here.

How to keep blueberries fresh for Tet

Tips to keep blueberries fresh, not lose fruit and wilt leaves

Method 1

In order to keep the kumquat tree fresh for a long time, before planting the kumquat tree in a indoor pot, you should lay a layer of unburnt charcoal slag at the bottom of the pot before putting the tree in the pot and pouring loose soil into it to ensure the tree has nutrients. Nursing. This helps to drain water faster, as well as making plants feel more airy.

Method 2

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How to take care of blueberries for a long time on Tet holiday

Do not water or apply too much nitrogen. This will cause the tree to rot its roots, slowly causing it to die. Ideally, you should use a small watering can to water the tree or hand sprinkling water on the foliage about 2 times / day and watering the stump moist enough to ensure the leaves remain fresh, not wilting.

Method 3

Beside choosing kumquats with their soil still intact, you should keep in mind how to keep kumquats fresh after a long time. You should plant kumquats in a large pot with lots of openings so that you can add more soil without the soil. .

Choosing to buy blueberries beautiful, long fresh

The first thing when choosing to buy kumquat tree you should pay attention to the soil of the stirring tree. If the soil is broken, within a period of time the tree will wither.

To keep blueberries fresh for a long time, you should buy young plants, trees that do not have concentric circular marks on the trunk, large leaves, glossy and dark green and berries, uniformly. Should choose plants with circular canopy, bunches of fruit showing all sides. Most kumquats sold during the Lunar New Year have ripe fruits, but you should choose fruits with green veins because these are new ripe fruits so the Tet will be long.

Kumquat tree has many young buds, young fruits, buds and flowers are often beautiful blueberry trees that have long fresh ability. But for blueberries like that, you will have to spend more labor and investment costs.

Nowadays, many kumquat sellers do not add fresh branches or leaves to the trunk to attract customers, so when buying kumquat trees to play Tet, you should also remember and pay attention to the tree carefully to avoid the sellers. whipped you.

The tips to keep blueberries long will be useful tips for you, help your kumquat tree during Tet is always fresh and juicy to bring the bustling atmosphere of spring.

How to promote fast blooming on Tet holiday, keep flowers fresh for a long time is also shared by, when you perform fast blooming methods on Tet holiday, your peach blossom, chrysanthemum … will show their beauty. Brilliantly according to your wishes.
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