Tips to play Mini Football for beginners most effectively

In this article, will share with you some information you need to know, as well as tips for playing Mini Football game for newbies, to help you get used to the controls, gameplay and get successful matches. work in the game.

In the soccer game Mini Football, your goal is to win as many matches as possible to buy better players and conquer new achievements in the game. To help you better understand this fascinating game, will provide you with instructions and tips for playing Mini Football game in the article below.

The most effective way to play Mini Football

I. Guide to play Mini Football game

1. Introduction to the basics of Mini Football

– On the right side of the screen you will find pass, shoot, sprint, block or switch buttons. All of these moves that you will make during the game depend on whether you have the ball or not and the situation you are facing at the time.

– On the left side of the screen, you will see a virtual joystick to move on the field.

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– At the bottom of the main screen you will see four slots containing prizes. When playing four games at once, you can win four bonus packs. You can continue playing after that, but when the four prize slots are full, you can’t claim any more packs.

2. Customize your soccer team

Forming teams and customizing players is an important part of Mini Football. It may happen that you suddenly want to change the name and country of the team you have formed. To do so, just go to the main menu and click on the tab Equipment, then click again on the pen icon right next to your team icon.

how to play mini football

To customize the players, you go to tab Equipment and choose shirt, pants, shoes… available at will. In addition, Mini Football also provides you with Ultimate Team Packs for you to have more players and other items for your team.

If you want to swap players on your team and change any formation, go to the tab Team on the main menu. Check points Team Score from tab Team and accordingly form the squad. Again in the tab itself Team, you can easily see who is the goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or attacking player.

3. Player upgrade

You can upgrade your team and players to compete more effectively. The Team tab is where you will be able to check which players on your team are eligible for the upgrade and how much it will cost you. The amount required to upgrade a player can vary and is usually quite large, but you should always upgrade to increase your team’s score.

II – Tips to play Mini Football game for newbies

first. Manage and use money effectively

Mini Football has two currencies, gold and gems. They are used to purchase items and make in-game upgrades. You can earn a lot of gold from winning matches, completing missions and watching ads.

Touch the button Shop on the right side of the main screen you can get Gems through daily free gift. In addition, you can also receive 100 gems directly from the beginning if you log in to Mini Football through your Facebook account. Besides, watching daily ads and achieving in-game achievements are also ways to get free Gems in Mini Football. With the Gems you get, you can buy premium player packages.

Another type of resource you get in Mini Football are player cards. With these cards, you can get a copy of one of the existing players on the team or a new player. This helps you improve and level up the team.

2. Play to the strength of the team

Minui football game is very good

A right squad, chosen wisely is the key to a team’s success. As you level up, you unlock new squads. At first, you’ll have no choice but to go with the classic 4-4-2, but as you unlock new formations, try them out on the field to see if the new formation is right for you. your team or not when playing against other teams.

3. Make the right tackle at the right time

The game can deteriorate if you make unsuccessful tackles, especially when playing high level football matches. Although the AI ​​referee is quite lenient, you need to be careful as you can sometimes get a yellow card or even a red card. A good handling can win you and even a slight carelessness can make you lose. So, take care to choose your use case wisely.

In general, Mini Football is an extremely attractive and interesting football game, mainly designed for football enthusiasts who want to gain experience in team formation, squad arrangement, custom football. their players, participate in football matches and win. Hopefully with the instructions and tips for playing Mini Football shared above, you will get a good start and achieve many achievements in the game.
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