Tips to protect your computer from viruses and hackers

Protecting the computer from viruses and hackers is an urgent need of every user today. There are many types of viruses hidden in many types of files, links, websites … ready to disable your computer. Learn the tricks to protect computers from Viruses and Hackers to prevent diseases for your laptop and PC.

When a computer is infected with viruses, it is time for users to call for the best anti-virus software to scan for viruses. However, not all viruses are listed in the Top 10 Antivirus software 2017 The best are also found, removed, especially the new virus. Therefore, to protect your computer, we should know the tips to protect your computer from viruses and hackers. This is exactly the “prevention rather than cure” that every Windows user should know.

Tips to protect your computer from viruses and hackers:

1. Always update Windows.

Using the Windows Update feature, you will be regularly updated by Microsoft to upgrade, patch, and modify computers. That means when you upgrade patches, viruses that get into your computer are removed. This feature is not popular in Vietnam because most users are using “pirated” Windows, do not spend money to buy this OS.

2. Turn on the firewall.

A firewall will prevent you from accessing certain websites, manipulating certain jobs on your computer. But Firewall will help you prevent network attacks, links containing viruses, malicious files to download to your computer.

computer protection from viruses and hackers 2

3. Install anti-virus software.

Currently there are many good antivirus software, especially the top 10 free antivirus software we have just introduced above. recommends that you immediately download an anti-virus software and always turn it on to control operations when using the Internet as well as transferring and receiving files from USB to your computer.

computer protection from viruses and hackers 3

4. Regular Backup the computer.

Backing up the system regularly is a pretty important job. Especially when your computer contains large, important data. Backing up your computer helps protect your files and data. Even if you happen to be infected by a virus and lose your data, you still have backup data.

computer protection from viruses and hackers 4

5. Scan for viruses when plugged in.

USB virus infection is something that most longtime PC and laptop users have encountered. Because USB has the effect of transmitting and receiving data between computers, the possibility of virus infection is very high. Therefore, when you plug the USB into the computer you should let the antivirus software scan USB before transferring and receiving files.

computer protection from viruses and hackers 5

6. Don’t access impersonating websites.

Websites that impersonate, virus, spy, etc. are hidden under a relatively similar interface to the real website. You should pay attention to the name of the site, sometimes just a different character than the real website, or change .com with .net for example. In addition, you should ignore the website announcing the win, need to recharge, the web informs you have been hacked ….

computer protection from viruses and hackers 6

These tips to protect your computer from viruses, hackers are what you should understand and perform to avoid losing personal information and data.
In addition to the above, freezing a computer is also a very good way to help users protect the computer, more specifically freezing the computer is to keep the computer in the state when it shuts down. That is, even if you have installed, downloaded software, accessed websites … then when you turn off your computer and restart those applications, it will not be saved. This makes it hard for the virus to attack and infiltrate your computer.


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