Tips when you parachute in Rules of Survival to “loot” the fastest map

In Rules of Survival skydiving is not simply a stage to land but also an art, a strategy to “loot” items quickly when landing fast and farthest ..

1. Choose location

In Rules of Survival you can choose one of four locations to land. Locations include: Safe Store, Training base, Research Building and Bitter Lake. Those are the points with a high probability of appearing in many of the Rules of Survival game. You can enlist “loot” items before others.

2. Prepare to dance

Advice when you enter the rules of survival de loot issued by the fastest 2

Before landing, you must know the distance between the point of the aircraft and the location to jump down – as short as possible (by choosing the perpendicular direction between landing and landing position). When jumping for convenience, you should turn on the map and rotate the arrow of the character point pointing perpendicular to the place to land. Note when the yellow arrow is straight with the red line, perpendicular, then jump down.

3. The fastest way to jump

Advice when you enter the rules of survival de loot issued by the fastest 3

You should choose the area near the flight path and follow the instructions of the second move. Jump as follows: Press the left move button to rotate the character with the most straight head towards the ground> Hold down until reaching a speed of 210 km / h (top speed)> Keep skydiving at 34km / h (maximum).

4. The farthest jump

Advice when you enter the rules of survival de loot issued by the fastest 4

You still need to be as thoughtful as shown in the second instruction. Jumping actions are as follows: Directing the character to fall horizontally> Hold the left key to keep the character flying straight at 162 km / h until parachuting (speed is 34 km / h).

Fast and far skydiving in Rules of Survival has a huge advantage when you have more abilities and opportunities to acquire equipment than others. From there the fight and victory will also be more convenient. And the combination of choosing the right ground and the way of grounding need to coordinate to be most effective.

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