To effectively market on Facebook

To effectively market on Facebook

To promote your business or product on Facebook effectively, a media that you should not ignore is Facebook. So, what strategies are needed for effective Facebook Marketing? In today’s article, will answer for you!

If there are effective tips, you will definitely see Facebook Marketing completely different from other tools. To learn more details about how to Marketing on Facebook, read the article of offline!

To effectively market on Facebook

Table of Contents:
1. Do not use Facebook just for sales.
2. Set clear goals and strategies.
3. Post content regularly.
4. Encourage users to comment.
5. Use photos and videos.
6. Building relationships with customers.
7. Use Facebook Insights.

1. Do not use Facebook just for sales

People consider Facebook an interesting social network for them to chat with friends, view photos, videos and relax. Therefore, if you want them to “follow” you, you need to participate in their conversations as a friend, not as a salesperson.

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Accordingly, if you only use advertising slogans, post about a product or service continuously or give a list of products and prices, you will not attract customers. Customers can even post comments that criticize your business. Instead, choose to post content that suits your customers’ tastes and cleverly integrate your product into it.

2. Set clear goals and strategies

You need to set goals and strategies before deciding to choose Facebook for marketing. For example, if you set a goal to increase coffee sales by 10% in the next 6 months after marketing on Facebook, the strategy you could implement could be:
– Post a product discount post to attract customers who interact with your site
– Post a picture of your store’s customers every day
– Encourage customers to post Feedback photos when they enjoy coffee at the store
Setting goals and setting strategies will help you more easily direct marketing on Facebook and measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

3. Post content regularly

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Unlike other media such as newspapers, magazines, web, …, when marketing on Facebook, you need to post and update content regularly. Recent research from Australia shows that Facebook users check their site more than 25 times per week and what they need is that you regularly post new content in friendly and engaging language.
Many people think that you should post at least once a day, but it is not necessarily so. Post when you have interesting content and evaluate whether customers are really interested in the content you share.

4. Encourage users to comment and respond quickly

Encourage Facebook users to respond to your posts or post their own comments about your business or a topic that interests them. When they post or comment, it is best to reply within 24 hours. If slow, customers will quickly lose interest and “forget” you.

5. Use photos and videos

Photos and videos are the means of attracting Facebook users. Therefore, when marketing on Facebook, you should not ignore these tools. For example, if you sell clothes, you should post photos of new items. If you are marketing about construction, you will post a picture of a house under construction. If you’re marketing for a gym or fitness center, posting a video made at the gym is a good idea.

Besides, you can interact with customers by giving offers, contests, games, surveys, etc. Research shows that product discount and gift programs are the most common reason for customers to follow a business’s Facebook page. Similarly, contests and games can also be used to animate your business Facebook page.

Customer surveys are also a good way to market on Facebook, but keep in mind that surveys should be short and come with a survey link that users can easily click / ignore or share with their friends. surname.

6. Building relationships with customers

to market on facebook through 3

It will take some time to build a good relationship with other Facebook users, so be patient. Making friends with users, providing useful content and gratitude to loyal customers to help foster good relationships.

7. Use Facebook Insights to learn more about customers

Facebook Insights can tell you more about users who like your page. Once you have a good understanding of your customers, you can tailor your posts and offers to meet their needs and interests.
For example, if you’re marketing a bookstore to customers of all ages, but most people who like your Facebook page are between the ages of 18-25, your Facebook preferences should focus on books that fit that age group.


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