Top 10 best computer cleaning software 2020

Available in software to clean junk computers Windows 10, 7, 8.1 or Macbook will help your device free up memory, work more stable to increase productivity, study, among tools like CCleaner Or Glary Utilities … where is the software we need?

For weak configuration machines, in the long-term use, they will experience slow machine, even hanging. To avoid this situation, you should use the software to help speed up your computer to improve the performance of the machine, especially the software to clean junk. However, choosing the right software to clean junk computer is a problem that many users are interested in when there are quite a lot of software with the same function. Therefore, the following article with the list of Top 10 best computer cleaning software 2020 will be the options that Taimienphi would like to recommend to you so that you can easily choose a suitable software.

The software to clean junk computer Windows 10, 8.1, 7 best

Top 10 best computer cleaning software 2020

1. CCleaner

Supported operating systems: Window / Mac OS

Download Ccleaner for Window: Donwload Ccleaner
Download for Ccleaner for Mac OS: Download Ccleaner for Mac

CCleaner is a software that supports cleaning and cleaning of data files, unnecessary installation software for PCs. Thanks to Ccleaner, the software can help computers operate faster and more conveniently than ever before.

Some new features of the software include adding the ability to clean on Microsoft Edge browser, improving the ability to clean sessions on Firefox, download history on Google Chrome browser, keyboard navigation, …

Advantages: Intensive cleaning, fast and does not take much time. Portable version (available immediately without installation)

Defect: Without instructions for all functions, new users may get stuck. Additionally, the registry repair function can be harmful to your computer if you are not familiar with the registry

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2. PC Decrapifier

Supported operating systems: Window

Download PC Decrapifier here: Download PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier allows users to perform a search of installed applications and conduct removal of any software on the list.

The software also provides the ability to remove trial version applications on the system. In particular, the tool can remove the most stubborn applications that the Add / Remove Program function built into Windows does not.

Pros: Can remove trial applications that have been installed on the computer before. Alternatively, you can search and delete applications by typing their name into the search box of the tool.

Cons: No portable version

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3. CleanUp

Supported operating systems: Window

Download CleanUp here: Download CleanUp

With Cleanup, one of the most powerful system cleaning and optimization software today, the program will help users delete junk files and temporary files from the system with fast deletion speed.

Cleanup also allows you to erase surfing information on many different browsers such as IE, Firefox or Chrome. Therefore, CleanUp will keep your sensitive personal information absolutely secure.

Pros: Has all the functions that CCleaner has but is much more compact

Cons: Only 32-bit version and no portable version

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4. Empty Temp Folder

Supported operating systems: Window

Download Empty Temp Folder here: Download Empty Temp Folder

Empty Temp Folder has the ability to delete many junk files such as tmp, bak, old, …, clean temporary folders (temp folder), delete history, cookies, URLs stored when you browse the web, find and delete associated files (* .lnk) delete clipboard, even “empty” files.

Pros: Great addition to perfect CCleaner

Cons: Stopped updating support

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5. Glary Utilities

Supported operating systems: Window

Download Glary Utilities here: Download Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities has the ability to clean the drive, repair, speed up, protect and optimize computer systems. In addition, this software also has the ability to delete junk data, recover drive space, scan and clean the registry, fix startmenu and desktop shortcuts, delete cookies, cache, Internet history, …

Glary Utilities can manage the processes that start automatically and operate with Windows, add-ons on the browser, optimize the amount of free space on the hard drive or remove unnecessary applications on the system.

Advantages: In addition to the basic functions, the software also has the ability to eliminate error paths and split or merge files

Cons: No advanced system repair options and optimization options. Software does not indicate faulty software but only bugs

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6. SlimCleaner

Supported operating systems: Window

Download SlimCleaner here: Download SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner is a tool to detect and remove unnecessary files stored on your computer, including junk files, empty folders, shortcuts, duplicate files, etc., which helps free up hard drive memory and increase memory space. performance of computer systems.

Advantages: Ability to remove junk status bar in the browser. Show the performance of your computer for users to adjust tasks

Cons: The software has no function to clean and repair the registry

All software components are best 2016

7. Xleaner

Supported operating systems: Window

Download Xleaner here: Download Xleaner

Xleaner is a quite useful tool built into Windows that helps you remove unnecessary files from your system quickly and efficiently.

Advantages: Ability to purify system memory, delete files safely. You can increase each software capability by installing some extra extensions

Cons: Too many options enabled when installed. Users must go through many different menus and options to be able to customize the root of this software

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8. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Supported operating systems: Window

Download Ashampoo WinOptimizer here: Download Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is exactly as its name suggests, a very useful application for computer maintenance and care with many features to optimize and enhance the performance of the computer. Ashampoo WinOptimizer provides information about your computer, and analyzes disk space allocation, measures computer performance.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer has the ability to view and adjust Windows startup settings, tweak the Network to increase Internet performance, manage running processes and remove programs and software installed on the computer.

Advantages: Ability to encrypt files, measure HDD standards and backup data

Cons: The paid version does not have a perpetual license option

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9. iolo System Mechanic

Supported operating systems: Window

Download iolo System Mechanic here: Download iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic software is a friendly and lightweight computer care toolkit. It supports to extend the life of SSDs, improve computer running speed.

Pros: Unlimited number of installs. Especially with an extension on the screen for users to always monitor the computer

Cons: The software runs quite a lot of machine resources and only has a 1 year copyright

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10. Advanced SystemCare

Supported operating systems: Window

Download Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 here: Download Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare Pro provides state-of-the-art functions in automatically performing system optimization. Users only need to select the tasks they want the software to support and enable the scanning feature. Users can choose in each specific case to scan shallow or deep scan to take care of the entire computer.

Advanced SystemCare Pro also features a “Turbo Boost” feature that optimizes system resources and memory according to business or gaming purposes. This feature is really useful for users who own low-profile systems.

Pros: Has an effective computer performance monitor, users can always monitor the performance of the computer as well as clean with just one click.

Cons: Most functions have to download additional support to be able to use

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Currently, most users use familiar tools such as CCleaner to clean their computers. Because this is a software with easy-to-remember names, the utility of cleaning up and uninstalling is quite convenient, users often transfer each other to use this software more. Meanwhile, Iobit Advanced SystemCare is equally popular thanks to the integration of many utility tools in the same software.

As in an article once shared by, Top cleaning software And the best system optimizer will also provide you with great tools for making your computer use better and more efficient.
With 10 options above, hope that this article has brought you the best choices. Please continue to monitor the top software articles of to equip your computer with the best software!


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