Top 10 best DJ software

Top 10 best DJ software

Are you looking for DJ software to help you edit music or you want to learn more about DJ music and how to Mix DJ music? With the top 10 best DJ software like Vitual DJ or DJ Mix Pro voted by the following readers will definitely be a reference not to be missed.

Top 10 DJ software the best will bring you not only the usual music editing software, but it also makes the music editing and subsequent sequences so special, it sounds good whether you’re new or still in the process of getting to know the DJ profession.

Top 10 best DJ software

1. DJ Virtual DJ software

Download Vitual DJ about the computer here.

mix music mem

Virtual DJ is a music mixing software, mixing music for professional DJs and those who want to practice DJing. Virtual DJ performs automatic mixing, allowing you to combine different types of sounds in different formats into one track. Virtual DJ has a smart working mechanism, which is a great support for you during practice.

Virtual DJ is a DJ tool that supports the creation of vivid audio files to create compelling DJ tracks or pieces. With the ability to mix music, filter noise, adjust the sound standard, Virtual dj will be a reliable companion for those who love music with the desire to become a professional DJ. Virtual dj is being used by many users for their work, study and especially entertainment.

2. DJ PCDJ Dex Software

Download PCDJ Dex for Mac about the computer here.

phan mem dj professional

PCDJ DEX for Mac is a free DJ software for MAC operating system, users can edit music easily, PCDJ DEX for Mac allows users to change the quality of the volume, perform manipulation, mix music quickly. It supports audio formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, OGG, MKV, AVI …

Key features of PCDJ DEX for Mac:

– Mix audio, Video and Karaoke files.
– Record audio directly from multiple devices.
– Support many different audio input formats.
– Support of popular input Video formats.
– Save the output audio in MP3, WAV, AIFF formats.
– Support many professional VST effects.
– Support preview screen.
– Mix sound to create seamlessness.
– Search for audio files easily.

3. Cross DJ Free software

Download Cross DJ Free about the computer here.

phan mem dj nhat nhat

Cross DJ Free DJ is a DJ software that allows you to combine audio and video files with different formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG … with the chat tools used to create new music. unique. This is a MIDI DJ application that supports creating music from MIDI files at a fast speed and extracting high quality music tracks.

Key features of Cross DJ Free:

– Support mixing music.
– Fast processing speed
– Preview music tracks.
– Manage music collection.
– User friendly interface.

4. DJ Mix Pro software

Download DJ Mix Pro about the computer here.

phan mem dj music

DJ Mix Pro is provided free of charge to users, it supports users to edit audio files on the Windows operating system, users can listen to tracks performing pairing, joining, mixing mp3, mp2, wma songs … . together easily and simply. Especially, this program also supports users to edit volume, quality of files before mixing, mixing music.

DJ Mix Pro allows you to combine audio and Video files with different formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, CDA, Karaoke CDG, AVI, MPEG, MOV, MKV, WMV .. As long as you have a sound card installed in conjunction with this software, you will be able to own unique music.

5. ClubDJPro VJ software

Download ClubDJPro VJ about the computer here.

Phan lam lam tap tap dj

ClubDJPro VJ DJ is a DJ software that helps users edit music, it allows users to mix music, nest music together quickly and simply. Especially, this program also supports users to change pitch and speed of music.

Key features of ClubDJPro VJ:

– Mix music, mix music effectively
– Intuitive interface, easy to use
– Create multi-style dj tracks
– Support for audio and disc recording

6. DJ Mixxx software

Download Mixxx about the computer here.

phan mem choi dj on pc

Mixxx is a professional DJ music tool, helps you mix multiple audio at the same time, supports many special effects to create a complete Audio file. The program is capable of working with popular audio formats MP3, WMA. The utility works with most audio stored on computers, with formats MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, M4A …

Main features of Mixxx:

– Mix multiple sounds with different input formats.
– Automatically synchronize the working process of audio files.
– Record directly from Microphone.
– Compress audio in OGG, MP3 formats.
– Automatically archive the sounds to the main library.
– Connect iTunes.

7. DJ Deckadance software

Download Deckadance about the computer here.

phan mem dj for computers

Deckadance Provides 4 music floors that allow you to edit, mix audio files more easily and create more unique mixes. Deckadance supports many popular audio file formats such as MP3, FLAC, M4A, WMA, WAV, AIFF, OGG …. Users can create playlists of music files using the file browsing function. . In addition, the software file list also displays some basic information of the file such as file name, rating, time.

Main features of the Deckadance program:

– Support many file formats.
– Support file browsing feature.
– Automatically calculate BPM parameters.
– Provides waveform graphs to represent sounds.
– Use 2 or 4 floors at a time.
– Integration with MIDI controller devices.

8. DJ Mixer Pro software

Download DJ Mixer Pro about the computer here.

phan mem dj on the computer

DJ Mixer Pro is a video and audio mixing software used for live DJ performances and is designed with 4 heavy rock decks and powerful DJing tools that bring a lot of virtual effects and creative transitions. In addition, DJ Mixer Pro also owns a lot of professional features, along with the support of hardware drivers that allow you to mix music and video quickly in just a few minutes.

Key features of DJ Mixer Pro:

– Many interface work.
– Many optimized skins.
– Many new decks.
– Countless attractive features.
– Stable operation.
– Saving system resources.
– Fix crash video playback error.
– Fix minor errors and optimize better.
– Add 3 new drivers: Denon MC7000, Hercules P32 DJ and Reloop Mixon 4.
– Compatible with iTunes 12.6.1.

9. DJ Ableton Live software

Download DJAbleton Live about the computer here.

download phan mem dj

Ableton Live is a handy and professional DJ software that gives you the tools to edit and manage Audio files. With this utility, you are free to create music products with artistic style by integrating unique effects.

Key features of Ableton Live:

– Support composing, recording, arranging, mixing sound …
– Create Remix, Midi music, add drum beats, remove sound silence, add guitar sounds …
– Support many formats
– Batch editing with fast speed
– Add effects to the song

10. DJ Traktor Pro software

Download Traktor Pro about the computer here.

download dj dj software

DJ software Traktor Pro support users to edit the quality and volume of audio files on the Windows operating system, users can conduct music mixing, perform manipulation of audio files easily and simply. Especially, this program also supports users to perform many operations at the same time as mixing music while listening to music and mixing at the same time.

Key features of Traktor Pro:

– Support mixing music.
– Fast mixing speed.
– Customize the quality of music tracks.
– Additional sound effects.
– Easy to use.
Above is the top DJ software that is rated well by users as well as professional DJs. The above DJ software is also very good for newbies, especially using Virtual DJ in the above list, Use Virtual DJ This is the best music mix approach for those who are starting to prepare for the semi-pro, refer to the above 10 DJ software and choose the most appropriate software for you.


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